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My Favorite Blog Posts

At Way More Homemade, we hand craft our blog posts and like to keep you guessing with a pinch of "this" and a dab of "that". Then throw in a little bit of "you never know what you're gonna get" and chill for 1 hour.

Following this recipe, here's a sampling of what you might find around here:

Food related challenges I participate in (I love almost all of these posts):
Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge
Flavor of the Month (We are no longer actively doing Flavor of the Month)


The Perils of a Safe Nesting Place
What is Jesus' Middle Name
Challah - The Spiritual Side of Bread (I wasn't sure what heading to put this under, but it is, by far, one of my absolute favorites.)

13 Years
A little about me... apparently...

Butterfly Garden Cake & Cookies
Firetruck Cake & Cookies
Marshmallow Fondant

My Bloody Valentine
Is there a meeting for this?

On the more serious side:
The Spirit of Aggieland - looking back at Bonfire


An Ode to DQ
Foodie Friday - An Apple a Day and Central Market
The Potty Training Chronicles (Part 5) - Standing Up
Lessons learned from an evening at the ballpark

On the more serious side:
Wordless Wednesday - A Newly Coined Word
Three year old theology
Who is the child here?
The time has come... to say goodbye


First Days