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Friday, February 6, 2009

Fitness Friday (with some food thrown in -- I just can't help it)

I'm frustrated.

It's been a month and I feel like I've been working my rear-end off... but the truth is that I haven't exactly been working my rear-end off. It's still there in all it's "venti" sized glory.

I made a similar statement to my man the other night and he said it made him think of this commercial that he saw during the Superbowl last Sunday:

Don't I wish it was that easy. Just to laugh it off.


So, I'm frustrated.

I could handle the weight numbers not going down if things were fitting better and I had a sense that I was gaining muscle, but that hasn't happened yet either.

I may have to take some drastic measures and actually put down my box of Girl Scout cookies every now and then.

By the way, have you noticed how those mysteriously come out around the first of the year right when people are making weight loss a priority? When I mentioned this on Twitter recently, someone suggested that it was a conspiracy. I tend to agree.

I have been trying to take additional eating measures over the last week. I am taking baggies of Craisins to work with me to snack on so that I don't feel as tempted to eat sweets. I am bringing my lunch to work and I am working on not snacking when I get home.

A friend at work told me about an app for my iPhone that tracks calories called "Lose It." I didn't ask him why he chose to tell me about that specific app, but I did go ahead an download it. It's pretty decent and works much like Fit Day that I have used before. You put in what exercises you do and what foods you eat and it give you an idea of how you are doing on calories taken in versus burned.

Not from personal experience or anything, but did you know that an entire sleeve of 14 Thin Mints is less calories than a single twisty donut? And much more satisfying... I would think. Like I said, not that I would know... I'm just sayin'.

Thanks to all of you who commented last week about my Wii Fit Rhythm Boxing game issue. I'm getting better at the dodge move, but it's just taking some practice to get it the way the game wants it to have the points register.

And because you are all so wonderful, here's a tip for you in exchange... if you're like me and want to maximize your points, make sure you bounce a little when you bring both feet back together on the balance board for the "Block." It gives you an extra point I think, but the extra movement helps to get your heart rate going a little more.

So now, I have to ask the question... What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?

Oh, and how are you doing with your fitness goals? Hopefully better than I am.


Saph @ Walk With Me said...

LOL that commercial is too funny! My favorite girl scout cookies are the thin mints! :)

Aunt LoLo said...

That commercial is hilarious!

i love the thin mints, and those ones with the dob of peanut butter. Unfortunately (fortunately?) my new born throws up if I eat dairy...or chocolate. *sigh*

I have three boxes of cookies on order!!!

Kay said...

But you *are* working out.. and that's the important thing. Maybe when girl scout cookie season passes, things might start to look up. : )

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

That commercial was hilarious! I had to watch it twice...(grin!!) Like Kay pointed out, you are working out, so that's a good thing! :) Keep it up...thanks for the boxing tip, I'm going to try that little extra bounce! ;)

Jenn said...

You would have to bring up Girl Scout Cookies, wouldn't you? LOL Those new (are they really new?) lemon ones...oooooh my goodness. Death by Lemon.

That app on your iPhone sounds very cool...

Did you hit the 2000 mark on the hula? Yeah...not me. I'm stuck at 1992.

Keep it up!!

Tiffany said...

The commercial made me LMAO. I wish. Actually, after having my baby 2 years ago,and a very difficult (6th) pregnancy, I have 30 pounds to lose. Usually I can buckle down and, after a few months, I am back to me. Not so this time. Due to some medical issues (so says my doctor anyway) I have been unable to dump it. This has been hard on my pride. Hm, maybe God uses physical issues to deal with spiritual ones. Um, yah...ya think? May I learn quickly.

Haven't had them in years, but I love the peanut butter girl scout cookies best. When I was a teen I went with Teen Missions Int'l one summer. At boot camp they had those cookies. They were all sort of melted together in clumps. I think Girl Scouts donated them.