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Monday, August 24, 2009

I sounded the trumpet...

I am studying the book of Esther right now with a sweet girlfriend. To be more exact, we are doing Beth Moore's Esther Bible study entitled "It's Tough Being a Woman."

And, boy is it EV-VAH.

But I tell ya, if you are looking for a Bible study to do, first I will always suggest Bible Study Fellowship to you, but this Esther study is SO good and SO worth it. And it is just really speaking to me right where I am at right now.

Truth be told, I'm feeling a little "Esther-ish" in life right now as I've been called to do something that I find very difficult. And I've been called to do this thing in the midst of some pretty all encompassing personal difficulty as well.

I hadn't equated my situation to that of Esther's until last week during the video segment where Mrs. Beth showed that Esther saw herself in the midst of personal crisis when she points out to Mordecai that the king had not requested her presence in thirty days. In the midst of her personal crisis in her marriage, Mordecai tells her that she is the one who is supposed to act to bring deliverance for her people.

So what does she do? She takes charge and through Mordecai, calls all the Jews of Susa to fasting and prayer. As Mrs. Beth equated it to Joel 12:15-16, she blew the "trumpet" to "declare a holy fast, call a sacred assembly."

So on Monday, I did the same thing. I sounded the trumpet and called my friends to pray for me as I had a meeting concerning this thing I've been called to at noon that day and I was very nervous. The only difference was that I blew my trumpet on Twitter.

So about 1 1/2 hours before my meeting at noon, as I was headed into my staff meeting at work, I posted this to twitter:

"Hello twitter friends. If you are available at around noon central time, please pray for me. I have a mtg I'm nervous about. Pray for wisdom."

I then went into my staff meeting.

I came out of staff meeting and immediately left my office to go to this meeting that I had. On the way I felt the Lord impress upon me to look at Twitter and to see who all was praying for me. This, my friends, is what I saw:

melindagarman @WayMoreHomemade I'll be praying, friend. Hugs.

forthegirls @WayMoreHomemade I will be praying for you!

franthomas @WayMoreHomemade got it girl....will start praying now. ((hugs))

sweethomealagrl @WayMoreHomemade sure thing!

beckyjomama @WayMoreHomemade You got it!

smiths2boys1gir @WayMoreHomemade Absolutely!

dedraherod @WayMoreHomemade On it girl! :-)

bakingblog @WayMoreHomemade You can count on me! :) I will pray for you, no problem! Hope all goes well!

smillie_lady @WayMoreHomemade i've made a note on my computer and will be praying for you at that time. blessings!

BigBlackDogs @WayMoreHomemade You'll do just fine!

stop4chocolate @WayMoreHomemade Will pray my friend!

Notesfromthewal @WayMoreHomemade will be praying!

Oh my. Even now, two days later, I am so overwhelmed by this outpouring of love from friends, most of whom I have never met in person, that I am nearly brought to tears.

So thank you. Thank you to my online community for being such a wonderful support network. Because honestly, there are things that I simply cannot ask "IRL" friends to pray about because of the sensitivity of the matter. But you, my online friends... I don't have to be specific and you won't figure out or necessarily care what the meeting was about. All you cared about was that I was nervous. And you cared enough to pray.

And that means the world to me.

Blessings to each and every one of you, my online friends, because you all just bless my socks off.


Melinda said...

Amen, sister-friend. I was just thanking God this morning for this very amazing network of hearts.

Hugs till the real deal!

beckyjomama said...

Esther ROCKS - oh my stars ... still tryin to catch up with all I learned in that study!

LOVE me some internet friends - and of COURSE we prayed for you, you are one of us! We are ONE!

You are too sweet!
Becky Jo

Beckypdj said...

I was reading some blogs I frequent and WAS THINKING THE SAME THING!! We can use anything & everything to lift each other up and support one another. It is so good to read other people's posts and get encouragement or be able to encourage with a comment. Cyberspace is being used for God's Glory and I'm loving it!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Happy to pray for you friend and also blessed by so many online friends!