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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Help for Haiti in Jesus’ Name

So many bloggers over the last few weeks have posted about helping and donating toward organizations that can help in Haiti.  To this point, I had not posted anything.  I figured all the “big-name” bloggers were doing enough.  And as a general rule, I believe that to be true.  I don’t know that there is anything that I can say or do differently than any of them that would convince you, my 10 dear readers, to contribute to help this people if you haven’t already.

Instead, I am writing today to ask for your prayer for my dad who is currently on his way to Haiti. 

He has worked for quite a few years, even before they left to go to India on mission for two years, with the Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief Team.  He has traveled to places all over the world to respond to those in disaster and crisis situations along with the TBM team to bring help and love in the name of Jesus.  So this is nothing new to us.

Here is our request:  At the very least, please pray for my dad (you can call him CP if you want) and the entire 5 person TBM team that is currently in Haiti.  Please pray for their safety as they travel and as they distribute the water filtration units.  Also pray for discernment as they assess how TBM can best serve the people of Haiti in Jesus’ name. 

Specifically, I ask for prayer for my dad as he is the point person and leader of this trip.  Pray for very specific wisdom and discernment for him in this role.

Now, here is my pitch:  If you have not contributed yet to a relief effort on behalf of the people of Haiti, please consider TBM. You can click here to go directly to their donations page.

Thank you, blog friends.  I always know that I can count on you.

Blessings for this day,