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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

okie-dokie artichokie

Last week the kids went to the grocery store with me.  With my work schedule and their school and extracurricular activities, this doesn’t happen all that often any more.  My husband is usually the one that is running to the grocery store for me to get this or that; he usually goes after the kids are in bed, in fact.  And, honestly, when I do go, I try to avoid them going with me because let’s face it, taking your kids to the grocery store is not the least stressful thing you can do.  And at times, it can be the most.

Can I get a witness?

But, last week, we needed to go and I wanted them to come with me just so I could spend some extra time with them.  So, in an effort to give them some ownership in the shopping trip, I told them they could each pick out one thing, one grocery item, while we were there.

My little man, in his infinite 4 year old wisdom, picked out Gushers.  You know, they’re kind of like fruit snacks, but worse. 

But my princess picked out artichokes.

Really?  Artichokes?

Yes.  Really.

We were walking through the  produce section and she saw them and asked what they were.  I think she found them interesting looking and as I described picking off the leaves one at a time I think she just found the whole idea fascinating.  So she decided that was her thing.

Well, okay.

I was supposed to cook them Friday night, but with some storms that rolled through that afternoon, our power was out most of the day. 

Then I was supposed to cook them Saturday but Mike’s mom called with a tv emergency and we all packed up and went to see her for dinner and to help set up her new tv.

Sunday…. well, this was one of those Sundays when we just didn’t stop from sun-up to sun-down.

FINALLY, last night, I came home a few minutes early and was able to cook them to go with dinner.

The verdict?

They liked them.  Sarah said they weren’t her favorite, but she and Nathan both tried and liked them okay.  And you know, with a child that was willing to step out on a limb and try something new, I’m not going to argue with that.

And speaking of trying new things, Sarah tried some Sushi with me on Mother’s Day…. and loved it. 

There are not many things that could make me more happy.

What are some surprising things that your kids eat?


bridget {bake at 350} said...

That's great, Donna! And yay for you for BUYING them! :) Your kids will never be afraid to try new things.

Six In The Northwest said...

Amazingly my youngest ones always ask for artichokes at the grocery store. I try to ply them off until the prices are decent, but then I think, I really should reward the fact they are willing to try so may different fruits and veggies. Besides, I might learn to like something I have never been too fond of myself. Last week we bought a plantain at my 8yo's request. It wasn't too bad either.