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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Your dachshund might be spoiled if…

Your dachshund has lived a very spoiled life if she spends her last moments lying in her owners lap and surrounded by her family loving and petting on her.

Oh Frankie, you lived with our family and brought us such joy for 15 years. How we will all miss you so.

IMG_0019 Frankie: 7/1996 - 9/10/2011

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Christie said...

So sorry my dear. Spoiled indeed. What a lovely way to say goodbye, if you must.

Tammy said...

This sweet and short tribute brings tears to my eyes. It takes me back to the day, last Feb, when I put down my Bailey, my black lab of almost 14 years.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this sad time. Pets ARE family too!

Anonymous said...

I miss mine too. Always a dachshund lover

Melinda said...

Oh Donna...I'm just seeing this. You know how much I love our little guy...I'm so sorry you've lost yours. Blessings to your family.