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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nutella Æbleskivers

A new favorite recently in our house has been Æbleskivers.  I received this Æbleskiver (or Ebelskiver) pan for Christmas last year (2010) from my mother in law.  Of course this was right as we were really starting up the great kitchen remodel of 2011 and therefore it did not get used until I had use of the new range. 

So far, I’ve only used the mix that I was given with the pan.  It is pretty good and very easy.  But making the batter from scratch is not any more difficult than making pancakes or waffles. 

So, in case you were wondering, this is how they are made.

After spraying with non-stick spray or using a little butter (I have personally found non-stick spray to be easier than butter in this case) and heating the pan over medium to medium-low heat, I use my medium spring loaded scoop to put one scoop of batter in each little bowl of the pan.  I always start in the middle.  Then I work my way around the perimeter going clockwise from 12:00.  That way I do things in the same order each time and they each get approximately the same amount of cooking after each step.

Ebelskiver Pan

Almost immediately, using the same patter of middle then working around the perimeter in a clockwise direction, I use my smallest spring loaded scoop to add a dollop of Nutella (or other chosen filling) right in the middle if each.

Nutella Æbleskivers/Ebelskivers

Coming back to the batter, I place a little more batter on top of each dollop of Nutella, just so that it is covered.


By this point, the Æbleskivers are cooked enough on the first side and they are ready to be turned.  I do so using the same routine of staring in the middle and working the perimeter in a clockwise fashion as I have done in each preceding step.

One thing that I have found very helpful has been these wooden turning tools.  They get some batter on them in the turning process, but if you just keep a paper towel handy, they clean up easily with a quick wipe off.



Once they have cooked sufficiently and are golden brown on the 2nd side, I remove them carefully with a pair of tongs.

Æbleskivers / Ebelskivers

And they are ready to be enjoyed.  MMMMMMM……

Nutella Stuffed Æbleskivers

Æbleskivers can be filled with many things.  We have enjoyed them with homemade peach preserves, strawberry preserves… any kind of preserves, to be honest.  We also have some of the chocolate mix that we have enjoyed filled with peanut butter.  We have also had more savory combinations like bacon, sausage, or pepperoni and cheese. 

Or, you know, you could just do them plain and not stuffed with anything. 

Regardless, their cute little finger food size and shape will be a sure hit with your family.  It has been with mine.


Kate said...

I got a cast iron eblesk...whatever pan from my boss...he didn't know what it was, and neither did I. I am soooo excited about this post! I'm making some whatever they are called this weekend! :)

Holly said...

Oooo, I have wanted to try these! My friend Beth has a pan, and I was asking her about them. She says they are SO GOOD!

Love you, friend!

Rebekah said...

These look so good!!! Can you use a muffin tin to make them? I followed you over from the TX bloggers group. =)

Donna @ Way More Homemade said...

Rebekah - Hmmm... muffin pan... I don't know that it would work as well on a stove top. You could certainly use your favorite muffin recipe and drop some Nutella in the middle and might acheive a similar effect.

Rebekah said...

A drop of nutella in the middle of a muffin or cupcake sounds delish. Thanks for the suggestion!