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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cooking Through the Football Season – Week 6

Ole Miss. 

I am writing this during the game, so I apologize if I may not make sense.  I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine and I’m trying to pay attention to the game.  It’s been an “Upset Saturday” with t.u. beating OU, Mizzou beating UGA and Utah beating Stanford.  Understandably, I’m a little on edge about our game.

I don’t really know much about Ole Miss other than that The Grove is supposed to be the best tailgating experience ever.

Well, if the recipe I made from the Southern Living SEC Tailgating Cookbook is any indication, it’s got to be good.  Because… my mercy… these kabobs…

Molasses-Balsamic Steak Kabobs. 

Molasses-Balsamic Steak Kabobs Ideally these would be best earlier in the football season when green tomatoes and peaches are easy to find at your local farmers market.  Instead, we had to settle for pluots (a plum/apricot cross) which were good, but I’m guessing peaches would have been amazing.  The green tomatoes are not something I would have thought of myself, but they are a stroke of genius here.  The tart of the green tomatoes balanced so well against the sweet of the molasses-balsamic glaze. 

And playing Ole Miss, I couldn’t resist making Minny’s Chocolate Pie from the movie The Help.

Minny's chocolate pie

So.  Beat The Hell Outta Ole Miss.

Gig ‘Em and God Bless The Aggies!