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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mama Braggin' Monday - The Mother's Day Edition

Mondays are the day of the week that I shamelessly brag on my kids here on the blog. So, join me if you like. I'd love to see what awesome things your kids are up to.

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My kids are about the sweetest things in the world. Really. I know I'm biased, but here's the evidence:

Last Tuesday, as Mike was leaving to take the princess to school I was waving good-bye from the front porch. As they were driving away, she yelled out her window, "Mom, you look beautiful."


Then, that evening as I was tucking my little man in to bed and singing him a song (or 5) he touched my hair and said, "Mom, I really like you. I like your hair. And I like your eyes. And I love your smile."


And then, on the "Let Me Tell You About My Mommy" sheet that my little man's teacher did with him for Mother's Day, the last sentence he had to complete was "I love my Mommy because..." His answer was, "I love her heart."

*Snif, snif.*

(As a note of clarification, most of the other answers were pretty hilarious and will be shared probably tomorrow.)

I would have sworn that my man had paid them off to butter me up for Mother's Day. He, however, swears that he did not.

Which I now believe, because this morning (I'm writing this on Sunday night) they were still very sweet. They brought me breakfast in bed and Nathan was carrying a gift bag and said, "MOM! We have a present for you!" as he proceeded to set it down and pull out all the tissue paper.

They also made me a card. Sarah wrote it and it said, "Dear Mom, You are the best mom. I like your kisses and hugs. xoxo. I love you Mommy. Do I get a kiss? I'll give you a kiss. Love, Sarah."


So, my kids are sweet. It's a fact.

I hope your Mother's Day was as good as mine was.


So here's your chance. Brag away, friends. Our kids need to be bragged on every once in a while. Try to mention Mama Braggin' Mondays on your blog if you get a chance to spread the word.

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Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Your kids say the sweetest things!! Sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day!