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Monday, May 4, 2009

Mama Braggin Monday - Of Pigs and Mud

Mondays are the day of the week that I shamelessly brag on my kids here on the blog. So, join me if you like. I'd love to see what awesome things your kids are up to. To see my original post about Mama Braggin' Monday, go here.

The last couple of weeks I have been bragging on my daughter. Today is about my little man.

During Spring Break, we took one day and went to our local potter shop and I let the kids each pick out a piece of pottery to paint. This is one of Sarah's favorite things to do and up until now Nathan hadn't really been old enough for me to feel comfortable with his ability to do such a thing. But Sarah was dying to take him and show him what it was all about.

So we loaded up the car and went.

I have to admit that I was very impressed with my boy and how well he was doing. He has some excellent fine motor skills for a 3 year old I think. Just take a look at my little lefty painting the pig he picked out...

But it wasn't too long before the 3-est part of him set in and the pig was losing his attention. There were way to many cars and Legos over in the corner of the shop for poor little Wilbur to have a chance.

So, I helped him by putting another coat or two of pink on the pig. Then I went and picked out a nice dark brown so that I could color in some eyes, nostrils and details; having decided against black so that there wouldn't be as much of a stark contrast with the light pink.

Yeah, I think way too deeply about the color contrast of a pig figurine that my son is painting. I know. It's a sickness.

However, Nathan came back over to the table at one point and noticed a new color and had a new-found interest in his masterpiece. I conceeded that he could paint with the brown and suggested that he paint the hooves or maybe a little spot of brown on the pig's back or something.

The next thing I know, I look over and my heart nearly stopped.

Oh NO! I thought. How will I EVER fix THAT?

Then we decided that his Wilbur pig had just been for a roll in the mud. Nathan seemed perfectly content with that and fully embraced it. Eventually, my perfectionist control freak side did also.

And I tell ya. That pig turned out SO much cuter than anything I would have ever done.

Let go, Mom. And let the kid just do what he does best.

Let him be 3 and let him be a kid.


So here's your chance. Brag away, friends. Our kids need to be bragged on every once in a while. Try to mention Mama Braggin' Mondays on your blog if you get a chance to spread the word.

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Melinda said...

Oh my gosh...that's the cutest thing I've ever seen! It TOTALLY looks like he romped in the mud!

Way to go, Mom, for letting a kid be a kid!

XO Melinda

Liz said...

Oh, Donna, you are speaking my language now. I could talk pottery painting all day. It's my passion, and I don't get to do it very often because the pottery shop is about 30 minutes away.

I have had to help my nieces and nephews with their painting before (even some adults, if truth be told), and I deliberate long and hard over my color choices. I know exactly what you speak of. You and I are kindred spirits. Sometimes you do have to make the story fit the finished product. In this case, the piggy does look muddy, and I think it looks pretty cool. Kind of makes me want to go paint a pig.

Kelly said...

That pig is SO cute! I love the freshly rolled in the mud look. :)