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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Survivor: The Week Without Dad - Day 5

This is part 4 of a series of posts chronicling our week while my man and my kids' dad was out of the country last week. See Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & Day 4.

Day 5 – Wednesday

As I’m sitting here writing, it is so quiet in the house and I realize how much I miss Mike. The kids are in bed and the only sounds are of crickets quietly chirping amidst the breeze that’s rustling the leaves on the trees outside, a snoring dachshund and the clicks of my keyboard as I gently tap out a record of today’s events. I glance over and my kitchen is an absolute mess because someone hasn’t been here to clean up after me. I look around and there is only one computer, the other laptop that is usually sitting here at the table is missing. I feel alone in spite of the sleeping children who are just yards away in their room tucked into bed.

BSF started today. I really felt like if there was a day that Satan was going to attack and make a bad morning for us that today would be the day. So from the time Mike left, I began asking friends to pray for us this morning. And you know what, we had our smoothest morning yet.

I was going to let Nathan sleep in a little, but I didn’t even have to go and drag him out of bed as I have the last two days for school. By 7:15 he was up and smiling his sweet smile. Then once we got to BSF, we walked up to his classroom and he just walked right in with no problem. I couldn’t have asked for a better morning with him.

I worked in the preschool area today, so we stayed after class for me to listen to lecture with our children’s leaders and Nathan had lunch with some new friends in the other room. The transition was smooth to the other room and everything just went great.

I called our auto insurance guy this morning and found out that we do have towing insurance. Mike worked it out with his dad and he took care of getting my car towed back here to the house. Knowing that I have a little boy who loves all things cars and trucks, I let Nathan stay up instead of taking a nap so that he could see the tow truck once it got to the house. It was likely the highlight of his week.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful, but included a nap for Nathan after we picked Sarah up from school.

And all the mommies said…. AMEN!

We made sure and talked to Dad on Skype this evening because Sarah is supposed to have soccer tomorrow evening and Nathan has soccer on Friday evening. Of course all that is a little up in the air with all the rain we’ve had this week, but that’s the plan anyways.

And we all know how well my plans have gone this week.

Regardless, we’re not sure if we’ll really get to talk much for the rest of the week, so we needed to get that conversation in.

And hey, since it’s my day off from work, I actually cooked dinner. I made roast and experimented with some sweet potato fries. Roast was good. Sweet potato fries were so-so. Need to do some more experimenting. Maybe after Daddy’s home.


Genny said...

When my Mike is gone, I miss him too! He used to travel internationally for work a lot, but that has slowed down. I'm so glad to have him around more!