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Monday, June 21, 2010

A new sport discovery {Mama Braggin’ Monday}

Last week was about the busiest week we will have all summer long; we all participated in Vacation Bible School in the mornings and each of the kids participated in separate sports camps in the afternoons and evenings. 

When giving the kids the options of which sports camps they wanted to do, choices for Nathan were somewhat limited, so enrolling him in soccer camp wasn’t a big deal or surprise.  However, it really surprised Mike and I when Sarah decided she wanted to do basketball camp. 

Sarah has never played basketball before and had not really expressed much of an interest up to this point.  But she said she wanted to try something new. 

And from the looks of the outcome of what I guess were some competitions they did on her last day, I’m thinking she enjoyed it and did well.


So, it appears that we’ve discovered a new sport in our house and I’m thinking we’re going to have to find a basketball team for this girl next season.  And it would appear that the basketball goal we have out front may get used afterall… if we ever get a ball.

Oh and aside from several meltdowns from being so tired from the week and a random bloody nose all that made him, me and the bathroom floor look like a crime scene, I think Nathan had a good time a soccer camp.