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Saturday, October 20, 2007


19 October 2007
At first glance, one would think that the ball of choice in our family right now is the soccer ball.

Sarah is really enjoying playing soccer this year. And she seems to be learning the technique pretty well, too. She has played goalie a couple of times and blocked one goal that I can think of. She is also running much better, faster, and keeping a little more control of the ball. Their last practice was Thursday. Now there are just games this Saturday, Thursday, and next Saturday.

Nathan is enjoying Sarah playing soccer as well. He is constantly asking to go to Sarah’s soccer game. I think he mainly just likes being able to run around and go to the playground, but he’s having fun, right? He was asking tonight about “Nathan’s soccer game. My soccer game.”
However, the real ball of choice around here lately is juggling balls. It seems that we are in the middle of a huge juggling act right now and all the balls are up in the air. At any moment, it seems that everything could come crashing down. Lord, please sustain us.

I have noticed that I’m really exhausted lately… more than what would seem normal for my body adjusting to our new schedule with my job. I think it’s because I just don’t have much if any down time. All of our evening time that would normally just be “down-time” in front of the TV is being spent working on the living room (which is coming along… slowly). Anymore, it just makes me tired to look at the living room. It also seems like I’m constantly thinking about commitments, people I need to contact or check on, and what I need to do next. I’m getting to bed early enough on a regular basis, so I guess I didn’t think I needed other rest. Apparently, I was wrong. Lord, please give us good rest.

And, as if there hasn’t been enough change and things going on in our lives this last month, it looks like more may be on the horizon. Another firm contacted Mike last week and is pretty actively recruiting / pursuing him. He had lunch with a director and a partner with this firm on Wednesday. They then called him on Thursday wanting to move forward and the partner asked Mike to meet him for breakfast (since he lives not too far from us) early next week. The whole thing just seems to be out of the blue and it took us very much by surprise. Right now, we’re just continuing to walk through the doors that seem to be so wide open, all the while seeking what God’s plan is for us in this. Lord, we need your wisdom.

So, life is truly a juggling act right now for us. If I could back out of anything right now, I would. However, many of the commitments that I have were made before I started working and are relatively short-term in nature. Many of them will be finished before Christmas. So, once we get the living room finished (hopefully by Thanksgiving), the children’s musical done, and finish our adult musical performances (both in early December), my life will slow down a lot and I may be able to return to a sense of normalcy. For now, though, we will continue to keep juggling and praying that God keeps all our little balls from crashing to the ground.