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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Sarah had her last 2 games of the Soccer season today. One at noon which was the end of the regular season. And then, since they won Thursday evening, they played at 3:30 (well more like 4 since we had to wait on the ref to finish another game) for the championship. We played a team that we had played once earlier in the season, and they are very good. In fact, we were tied 0-0 at the end of regulation play and it went to a "shoot-out." Each team chose 5 players (including goalie) to shoot for a goal. At the end of those five shots each, whoever has the most, wins. I believe we won it 3-2. So the Jets ended the season with no losses and one tie. Way to go JETS!!! Here are some highlights from the season...

After their first game and first victory!

Playing hard against the Dragons.


I must give credit to another team mom for the above picture! Thanks Juanita!

I love the pledge that is said before each and every game...

Now for the fun part... winning today. The other team had the last kick and we were up by 1. I apologize for any shakyness of the camera... but I think you'll understand why once you see the video. Too funny.

We had a great season and a lot of fun. Personally, Sarah really began to get the hang of things here the last couple of weeks. She really enjoyed it. Thanks to the coaches and other parents on our team that made this such a good first soccer experience for her and us.


Cristel said...

Love the video! Congrats Sarah on a successful 1st season.