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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pickin' & Grinnin'

We went to pick Sarah up from camp today (Friday). But first, I had to pick up Nathan who had spent the better part of the week at Nanny’s house. So I had to drive about 30 minutes west before heading back east.

I got in the car to leave my office at 2 pm. A few brief stops later, I got out of the car at the camp in East Texas at about 5:50… yes…. Nearly 4 hours in the car. And that’s just one way. Right now we’re in the car headed back home at 9:30 pm and we still have at least 1 ½ hours to go.

And the amount of time in the car is not the really disturbing part – although in and of itself it’s pretty disturbing. The disturbing part is my man. Not him, per-se, but his involvement in this pickin’ up process.

He left his office to meet Nathan and I on the way. So, I called him once we got back on the road after a tearful goodbye to Nanny and a stop at Jack in the Box for a potty break. He was already well on his way, so it was obvious that he was going to make it to our meeting point well before we did. And he did, in fact, get to the rendezvous point about 30-45 minutes before we did.

Here’s the disturbing part: we were meeting at an outlet mall. So here I am, in the car with the 3 year old, reciting the Cars movie, talking on the phone to my husband, who has time to kill at an outlet mall. What’s wrong with this picture?

Oh, and then he proceeds to tell me about how he bought himself some shoes. WHAAA?

It’s. Just. So. Wrong.

But, there are so many things that were right this afternoon/evening…

* Picking up my son and getting some kisses

* Picking up my daughter and getting some kisses

* Hearing all about her week at camp and how “swimming was great until I got stung by a wasp, but I’m not allergic, so it was okay, and it was just a little red bump and then it went away.”

* Having dinner with a dear friend; one of those friends that has touched my heart and left an indelible mark on me.

* Realizing how full my car feels with my two kids asleep in the back… and how that feels just right.

As I was driving along toward home tonight, thinking of all these things and pondering them in my heart, if you will, I realized… I was grinnin’.


Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Your daughter is a cutie! You have a reason to grin... :)

ocean mommy said...

I know that "full" feeling well. :)

My girls spent another week at Gram's last week. When we went up Friday afternoon to join them, I realized just how much I had missed them!! It's good to have everyone home and in their own beds!