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Monday, August 25, 2008

Worship and Fiesta

Mr. Travis Cottrell can lead some worship, can he not?

But guess who else was there.

Kelly Minter!!!

So not only did she bless my friend K and I immensely this summer as we did the No Other Gods study together, but she blessed us on Saturday with a song.

And Mr. Cottrell gave us a sample of what is coming on his Christmas Album this fall. I tried to get some video of that, but it wasn't working. So, you'll just have to wait and see. But friends... it was INCREDIBLE!

I went to LPL with my friend K and her mom. They are the sweetest most gracious people. When I was trying to figure out where I was going to sleep on Friday night, they immediately had a roll-away bed brought up to their room. I just love them so much.

The idea of the Fiesta was for some of us bloggers to meet one another and have a seperate time with Beth Moore and her daughters after the conference was over. Being fairly new to the blogging world, there were only a few people that I "knew" or even knew of.

I met Kate for the first time on Friday evening as I sat next to her. She is just darling and being from Colorado, was amazed at our heat and humidity. Bless her heart.

I desperately wanted to at least touch base with Holly who is a fellow Aggie. I got that opportunity and she is just as sweet as she can be.

I felt honored to get to meet Annette, whom I read and enjoy a lot, and Melanie of BigMama fame, who is also a fellow Aggie. Aren't they both so gorgeous!?!

As I said in a previous post, I missed out on some of the other events because of circumstances over which only God was in control. So, while I had a "drive-by" meeting/hug with Gayle, I didn't get the chance to talk to her.

And, yes, I did hug them. Some of them anyways.

Oh, and there was a girl that looked an awful lot like Sophie of BooMama fame on my flight home... but I was too embarrased to walk up to a stranger and say, "Are you BooMama?"

This is BigMama, BooMama, and FryDaddy trying, but not succeeding at some banter.

Our time with Beth, Amanda and Melissa was really sweet. The three of them took photos with all of us in groups, then gave away some prizes and did a question and answer session. The one thing that really touched me was how Beth recognized people's "blog identities." She commented that when her "Supperman" (because he cooks) is gone and now that the girls are gone, sometimes the blog give her a sense of community and she reads the comments often. I tell you, that encouraged me to continue to comment and give encouraging words.

And here's our Siesta Mama with Miesta Moose that made the journey from... Wyoming, was it?

The entire weekend was so full. Full of friends old and new. Full of the presence of the Living God. Full to the brim and overflowing.


annie's eyes said...

Oh, I so wished we had a cup of coffee or a meal to really get to know each other over. I felt this sorrow when I saw you and couldn't step over and spend some time visiting both times I saw you. I was really thankful we at least saw each other. I'd love a copy of the picture with you if you wouldn't mind sending it. Angie I think got one, but I didn't on my camera.

What a weekend! Makes me want the Lord to hurry and come so every day will be like that and even better.
Love you,

Michelle V said...

Donna, I saw you once from a distance and recognized you but I never got a chance to say hello. It was such an amazing weekend and just so many Siestas and no way to visit with everyone! It looks like you had a fantastic time!


Tammy M. said...

Thanks so much for visiting our

Wasn't this weekend awesome! Your post is wonderful, love the pictures.

Bridgette said...

I wish I could have found you! I wanted to meet you. I came by myself and there were alot more people there than I expected so I had a hard time finding some of the people. I'm glad we all got to go, I learned so much and God spoke to me this weekend and taught me a few things about Him and about myself!
Maybe next time!
Have a good week!
From one heiress to another!

beyond this moment said...

Hey Donna,
Thank you so much for taking a few moments of your time waiting in line Saturday to talk to me. You'll never know how much of a blessing that was to me. You are precious and I'm so glad I "found" your blog so I could tell you.
~Bethany (from Oregon)

Kate said...

I am so glad you were looking for a seat 'cause I was looking for a friend...and found you...hopping over the seats in a skirt...did I say that? haa haa haa

I am glad I met you and I will keep in touch.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Can I just tell you that I LOVE your hair?!

And if you were flying Continental to Austin, it probably was Sophie! There were a few other Siestas on that flight, too and they all would have greeted you warmly, I'm sure. :)

Truth4thejourney said...

Sounds like a blessed time for you and your siesta's! It's fun to see what God can do when we make the sacrifices to go to conferences like that one. :)

Nice to meet you!