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Sunday, August 24, 2008


So, the trip.

It was as excellent as any trip could be.

Today I will share some logistical things that just really shows how God had his hand on me, provided for me every step of the way, and put me exactly where I needed to be in miraculous ways.

I’ll share other things about the weekend in later posts.

We (my dear friend K, her mom and I) flew out on Friday morning with basically no delays. This in and of itself is a miracle as I found out later that there were so many delays later on in the day due to the weather there in San Antonio. The Lord put us on the right flight at the right time, Hallelujah!

As we landed I found that I had a voice mail. It was from my friend Beth who I was supposed to spend Friday and Saturday nights with. She is currently pregnant with TWINS (YEA!) and her message said that not only was she having some difficulty which was causing her to be on some bed-rest this weekend, but her one year-old was also sick.

I had already been concerned about them having to come downtown to get me and trying to get back downtown early in the morning, etc. In fact, I had emailed a Siesta from the LPM blog to see if I could catch rides with her. But at the moment that I got this voice mail from Beth, I knew that I just needed to not stay with them on Friday night and began praying and believing that the Lord would provide so that I would not have to add the stress of a house guest for Friday night on them and that any transportation issues for Saturday would be taken care of.

He abundantly provided.

I called my man and gave him the task. He was up to it. He’s so good that way. Using points, he was able to get me a room there at the Marriot Rivercenter where my friends and just about everyone else from the conference were staying. It cost me a grand total of $15. And I had a room with a king sized bed all to myself.

I don’t have to tell you… it was a blessing.

Then, after wandering around the mall and finding a super cute blouse on sale at Macy’s, I hung out back in my room, all by myself, for a while. Lo and behold, I had an email from Siesta Lori Anne that she did, in fact, live near my friend Beth and she could absolutely give me a ride. So I called her, told her of my change in plans and we then made plans to meet up and I could get a ride from her out to Beth’s house on Saturday afternoon.

He abundantly provided!

Well, back up a little to a couple of weeks ago as I was finalizing (or so I thought) my plans. By the time I finally had time to think about this trip and the Siesta Fiesta, I had missed out on signing up for the PJ party that some of them were having on Saturday night.

So, although I would have loved so badly to hang out with some of you playing games and gabbing all night on Saturday night, I played with Beth’s one year old son and gave Nick, his dad, a little bit of a break. I got to play “Aunt” Donna and laugh when he misbehaved because, hey, I’m not the mom. Woo hoo! It was a blast. And he is just a doll! I also had the privilege of cooking for them so that they could have a meal for a day or two. It wasn’t much, but I think it helps a little and that was definitely where I needed to be.

He so abundantly provided!

Travis Cottrell told us on Saturday afternoon that he would be at Oak Hills Church at Saturday evening and Sunday morning services leading in worship. Their pastor is someone you may have heard of before… Max Lucado. He was going to be preaching this weekend, which he doesn’t all the time. And it just not so happens that Beth and Nick live, oh, 10 minutes from Oak Hills Church. So, I went this morning and was so incredibly blessed.

And yet again… He abundantly provides!!!

My flight home left on time in spite of weather. And a woman, who obviously needed to talk through some religious issues made it on to the flight and sat next to me. I wasn’t sure at first how the conversation was going to go, but it was good. And it showed me that I could depend on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to give me the words that needed to be said. Whatever I did say didn’t seem to turn her off, because we talked for the entire flight. A divine appointment, to be sure.

So the point of this story (*gasp* there is a point?) is that God provided for every logistical detail so that I would be where I needed to be when I needed to be there.
And to quote Beth Moore from this weekend:
"Providence is the FACT that God works as powerfully in the every day as in the miraculous."

The weekend... it was providential.


Cristel said...

So glad you had such an amazing weekend. Totally wish I could have been there. Can't wait to hear more! Thanks for sharing more details of how great our God is.

Brittany said...

What a great post! First off, how'd he get you a room like THAT for $15?!? Wow!

What a blessing I know you were to your friends!

Isn't it just amazing how great our God is to provide so completely for us? I'm in awe of Him all of the time. Amazing!

I look forward to hearing more about your weekend!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Wow! What a wonderful post! God provided for you (and for so many others)just what you needed...when you needed it!

I love it when He does that!

Denise said...

Praise God for sweetly blessing you.

Mary said...

I always enjoy reading the miracles that are posted from "Moms' Life"
As I was reading yours I thought of the scripture in RO. "ALL things work together for good to them that love the Lord. .." Your trip was a testimony to that!


ocean mommy said...

OH!!!!! I was in that hotel. :) I wish I had known!!!! It was a pretty incredible weekend.

I hate that I missed you...hopefully we'll have another chance to meet in person!

I LOVE how God provided for you this weekend. So special.


Bridgette said...

I just left you a Happy Birthday on your other comment, but I had to just say something here.
I too felt like God just put me where I was supposed to be. At first, I was thinking that I was missing out, but then realized, God had different things planned for me. What better place for you to be than helping your friends. That is so great that you were able to help them with their son and cook dinner for them. It made me cry when I was reading it! You have such a servant's heart. This was a quote that a lady I met said to me while eating in San Antonio.

Sometimes, God is calling us to do something and we have a hard time with it, because we think we're going to miss out on something good. But, when we are obedient, and follow Him, we realize that he has something bigger for us!!!
We're believing God!!!