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Thursday, September 18, 2008


One of the fun things Sarah got to do this summer was to go to a couple of classes/camps offered by our city's parks and recreation department.

One of them was called Creative Cooks. She's a girl after her mother's heart, I tell you. They made several edible creations and had a great time.

The other was called Camp Einstein and was science based. This gene, she got from her daddy. She had a great time and the worked with several different polymers (what ever that is).

It was either on Thursday or Friday of that week that she came home and informed us of the following very matter of factly, "Owls eat rodents and then throw up the bones. They catch them and eat them and then, blech, they throw up what they cannot digest, like the bones and stuff."

This was not a tidbit of information that I think either her daddy or I were really aware of so we acknowledged it as such and were ready to move on. Until she informed us that she brought some home to show us.


Thankfully it wasn't the wet mess I was expecting.

But I can just see it now. They find this on a nature walk that afternoon and the teacher asks if anyone wants to take it home. Sarah raises her hand and says, "Oh, I want to." The teacher thinks for a minute back to the previous day when we were late to pick her up because the babysitter got lost and decided it would be a fair payback.

Oh, yes, I can see her sideways glance right now.

And thus you have my Wordless Wednesday post from yesterday.

Yes, they are likely rodent bones, brought home not by my son, or a cat or anything normal, but by my daughter because they were the vomit of an owl. Lovely.

So, a big shout out to Bethany at beyondthismoment who was closest in her guess in yesterday's comments.

I can mail you a prize wrapped up in a paper towel if you like...

Or maybe I'll just drop it in the trash.

Thanks for playing along with me, y'all. I enjoyed seeing what y'all had to say.


Brittany said...

Ok. That is just thoroughly disgusting. I'm so glad it was you and not me. :P Make sure you share THAT one w/ her boyfriends so they know what they're REALLY getting into. hehe!

Seriously ewwwwwwww!!!!

Melinda said...

You know, I looked at that picture on the way out the door yesterday, and didn't have time to comment. However, having had a bit of a "tommy girl" myself, (what she used to call herself - move over Tommy Hilfiger), I actually thought that it looked like some bones; it's precisely the type of thing she would've brought home if the cat hadn't already beaten her to it!

She still likes that sort of thing. She's 22. You'd probably do well to just get used to it! :o)

Have a wonderful "guts of nature" sort of day!

Michelle V said...

I still can't seem to say any more than just ewwwwwwww! But, I'm thankful it was not the wet mess that first comes to mind when thinking if owl vomit!!!


beyond this moment said...

oh. no. no thank you. I do NOT want a mouse skeleton mailed to me in or out of a paper towel. =)

Newton Family said...

Glad to know how it got into your house. I should have figured out what it was with all the Discovery Channel shows we watch. Hope my son never brings something like that into my house. I agree with Brittany...pre-warn her boyfriends!!! Ha ha ha!!!