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Friday, September 12, 2008

Foodie Friday - Dinner Party

Tonight I am throwing a dinner party. It’s something I haven’t done in a long time. In fact, I can’t think of when I have ever done a dinner party quite like this. I guess it is something I’ve always dreamed of/aspired to but have never really done.

The people:

This is one of the neatest groups of people you will ever come in contact with. And God SO put us all together.

It started out by the Lord prompting me last spring to see if the girls that I would normally do a summer Bible study with would want to include our husbands and do something as couples. Response at first was mixed. But finally, 3 couples got together. Then 2 more couples were invited. And we had ourselves a little group.

The Bible study portion of our times together on Friday evenings was interesting. The study that we ended up doing was video based. The main teacher was good. His wife, well, let’s just say, “not so much.” And it was pretty obvious that it was filmed in the early – mid 90’s.

Our discussion time was good, though. Full of rabbit trails and lots of laughing. It was mighty good for the soul. If nothing else just to be around other adults with no children around demanding our attention.

They spent their Friday evenings at a different house (our house actually) with babysitters.

The menu:

I’m stretching my gourmet muscles.

I love doing that.

And it’s going to be an evening of decadence.

Our menu includes Rack of Lamb with Sun-Dried Cherry Sauce, Four Cheese Risotto, and Green Beans in Garlic Butter Sauce.

For dessert, we will have Chocolate Fondue with all manner of fruits and sweets for dipping, swirling, and savoring.

(I’m trying something new. If you want to see the recipes, just click on the names of the dishes and it will shoot you over to the separate blog that I’m making of just recipes.)

As I was doing some prep work on Thursday evening, I had to laugh at myself several times. I started out cleaning the kitchen and eating area. But then I got distracted on to the blog and finally over to doing some food prep.

I needed to be cleaning, but I was having so much more fun with the food prep. There’s not a lot of people I know that have fun with food prep.

I was really kind of hoping that cutting up the onions would help clear out my sinuses (go away you foul ragweed… just go away).

And you know what gives me so much joy? Fresh herbs. I had to go out and get some fresh rosemary and thyme. I took a big whiff and let out a satisfied sigh.

I just love thyme so much. In fact I have 3 different varieties in my garden.

But I digress.

I have so enjoyed planning this dinner party menu and preparing this meal for my friends.

It’s definitely my love language.


Tiffany said...

Good for you, how fun! That risotto sounds decadent all right!I hope you have a wonderfully blessed evening.

BTW,I love your new blog design.So adorable.

I have to say I miss your old name though;)

Cristel said...

I for one and soooo excited to be one of the lucky few to savor the greatness of your cooking. Love you!

Keal said...

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
What an amazing meal and night!
My only regret as we headed home was that we didn't give you a standing ovation last night for a delightful meal.
Thanks for a wonderful evening, we were truly blessed by it.