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Monday, September 29, 2008

In need of some fashion help.

We had a busy, and yet kind of relaxing weekend. House cleaning, Aggie football, soccer, haircuts, shopping, normal church stuff on Sunday... whew. And yet we did just spend some time hanging out. How about you?

Like I said, one of the things I did was to go shopping. You've got to understand, first, that when I say shopping, it may not be what you're imagining. I don't do malls. Or, at least I try not to. If I'm shopping for clothes for me, my most likely first stop is Stein Mart.

Oh how I love Stein Mart.

We had gone to get Sarah's hair trimmed up and it's pretty much on the way home. So after what seemed like 3 hours that we spent at the kids hair place (really more like 1 1/2 hours), we went to Stein Mart before heading home because mama had some birthday money to spend and I've been so completely OUT on my wardrobe lately.

I have actually had my eye on this pair and this pair of Naughty Monkey shoes that I was convinced I was going to buy. However, the Lord was faithful and smiled upon me as I went the more frugal route and got 2 pair of shoes plus a handbag, 2 blouses, a sweater, a pair of jeans, a necklace + earrings and a bracelet that will be a Christmas gift.

No, I have not taken to buying my own Christmas gifts.

It IS for someone else.

But these are the shoes I bought.

No, they may not be as completely AWESOME as the NM's, but they are cute none-the-less. And they are what I have been looking for. I wanted a little pair of flats to wear casually with jeans and these are about the cutest ones I've seen in a while. They have a ballet pointe shoe look to them and I love the detail of the little bow. I've also been looking for the right pair of red heals for a while now and these are as close as I've gotten to finding it. And since I didn't spend as much on the shoes as I would have otherwise, I got a lot more other stuff. Like this purse.

Here's where I need y'alls help. I had a sinking feeling yesterday that may buyers remorse over this purse. So what I need to know, BEFORE I take off the tags... Is it cute? or is it my GRANDMA'S purse?

I NEED your opinions and please be HONEST.


And completely unrelated, I posted below some of my favorite posts from the last year. So, feel free to look through them if you like. I'm going to post a like on my top bar to them later.


Kay said...

I like all your purchases. I think the bag is fine. (I'm not the hippest shopper on the planet.. so don't know if you really want to count my vote. lol) But it's cute! I like the red.

Cristel said...

I need a bigger picture of the purse to really make a decision. At first glance it looks fine to me. I do like the color. But just to be sure I may have to see it in person!

Michelle V said...

I think the purse is fine but I'm not the best judge so don't go on my opinion! I love the flats!!!

Our Stein Mart closed a while back and it was so sad! But then it became a Mardel Christian Bookstore, so that helped ease my pain a little! I still spend all of my money in the same place! :)


Kate said...

I LOVE the purse...and grannies don't carry the short handled purses 'cause they can't hang on to them and they can't put enough stuff in them to club anyone with. lol I had to find an excuse for the purse.
I like the idea of Christmas shopping for yourself...merry Christmas to meeeee. ;) I need to do some of that, so don't knock

Bridgette said...

well, It's hard to tell by a picture! Because it really depends on if you like how it feels! I think the purse is cute. Love the buckle. I'm one of these people that I have to touch it and put it on so that I can see if I like the look on myself. I know I've never met you in person, but it looks like a YOU purse! oh, and I love Stein Mart!

Tiffany said...

We don't have Stein Mart either.

Both pair of shoes are adorable. I need to make myself get some new flats. I am not a flats type of gal, I prefer heels, unless they are flip-flops. But with styles being what they are, I almost feel I am going to have to get some flats. And they do have cute ones like yours too...

But that fist pair of NM shoes, oh my. I might have to cut out treats for 6 months and get those for myself. Stinkin' adorable! They would match with so much. And shoes don't care if you haven't lost the baby weight either:)

The purse is not a granny purse. I think it is fine, made finer if you use it with red lips. However, I don't think it is a "squeals of delight purse" -- are you thinking of for every day?