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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Maybe it was time.

On a little family trip to Target the other day, we stocked up on some essentials. Both the kids needed some new jeans for the fall and Sarah was in need of a certain costume for Halloween.

While we were there, I noticed this neat little mat on the floor for measuring children's feet. So, I casually suggested to Mike that we might want to measure Nathan's foot. He was wearing through his little tennis shoes that I got for him... oh, I don't even know when.

His foot measured 2 sizes bigger than the size of his current tennis shoes.

When we found some shoes in the size he needed, we compared.

I'm not quite mom of the year material, am I?

But, he's very proud of his new shoes. He has gone around showing everyone...

"See, I can finally walk without my toes curled up at the end of my shoes."

The funny thing is that he never complained about the smaller shoes being too small.

How on earth do they grow so fast? And why can I not keep up?


ForHisGlory said...

That is simply the sweetest thing ever!! If you get mom of the year I may be close competition for similar reasons! Don't you love how all this plays out?

Kay said...

That is so cute! We're always saying this or that is something else she can 'tell Oprah' or put in her book someday! LOL Yep.. Mom of the Year!