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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who's going to The West Wing?

I spent all day Monday trying to decide what to post for election day.

Well, not all day exactly. But at least five minutes.

Here's what I've got.

I love "The West Wing." I only found out recently that Bravo was airing re-runs of the show in the mornings once again. I spent all evening watching re-run "West Wing" episodes that I had DVR'ed from Monday morning. I didn't think it was possible, but they were actually episodes that we had not seen.

They must have been pulled from the un-aired episode vault or something.

Mike and I got turned onto West Wing unfortunately toward the end of its prime time run. It was probably early in season 5 (there were 7 seasons total) in 2003-2004. At that point, Bravo was already airing re-runs.

We'd settle in on Monday evenings with some cream cheese stuffed jalapenos (not homemade, but the frozen ones from a box), an almost frozen slushy Dr. Pepper and our weekly West Wing marathon. It became our Monday ritual, especially after moving to Northern Virgina. The whole living "next door" to the President thing as well as not knowing anyone else in the area led us to find politically charged entertainment.

(That's also the time period that we really started watching the Daily Show and when the Colbert Report began... hmm.)

And entertainment it was. Why isn't there good TV like that anymore? Smart. Witty. Assumes you have an education and half a brain. And funny.

The closest thing these days is Boston Legal. Yes, they're full of the "liberal agenda." But, we feel like, if nothing else, it's a dose of reality of what the "other" side thinks. Besides, according to my husband, I'm a liberal anyways, so I just have to get my fix.

I'm really not liberal.

But I think you knew that.

I don't know that there is much of a point here other than to allow me to reminisce about the romantic tension between Josh and Donna. The dry quirky humor of Leo and Toby. The wit of Sam and C.J. The wisdom of Josiah (Jeb) Bartlet and to wistfully pine for a presidential candidate such as he.

Even as a liberal... he was a great TV President.

Bartlet for America!


Seriously, go vote, America. There's no more time to be undecided. The time is now to make your choice.

It's easy to choose the one who sounds good and who makes us feel good inside. Sometimes it's harder to choose to vote for the one who might not be as eloquent, but who lines up more with our true beliefs if we really take a long look at ourselves and what we believe.

I pray you've done your research, America.

I pray you make a wise choice.

And I pray that the Lord show mercy on this great nation.


Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Amen, Donna.

Brittany said...

Amen, Sister. Amen. WELL said, as always.

Melinda said...

My man and I, upon happening across a West Wing re-run just this week, were lamenting its passing. It WAS smart, it WAS witty, and as my man likes to say, it was "pithy". Even with its liberal agenda, it was good TV to which you had to pay attention or you missed something important. There hasn't been much else like that since, unless you count "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader."

All that to say there are uber-important goings on in the West Wing. Oh how I'm praying with you for God's infinite mercy on our land.

Greg C said...

Very well said Donna. Listen to what they are saying and not what they sound like.

Kim said...

I just scored the entire West Wing series on DVD during a "gold box" special on amazon. It's my birthday and Christmas present to myself :-) I'll have to wait until next year when the daughter comes to visit and can bring it, though. Meanwhile she's enjoying them. She's been watching season 7 (where Jimmy Smit was campaigning against Alan Alda) and says it's like living in two parallel worlds and political campaigns :-)

I was so addicted to the show that while we were in Uganda in 2001-2002, I had a friend tape all the shows for me. She sent what she had with other friends who came to visit in January and we watched one episode a week. That's 'cause we had to borrow a tv with vcr player each time, and "save" up enough electricity from our solar panels to the truck batteries in order to operate said tv for an hour. Otherwise I might have been tempted to do a marathon!

April said...

My hubby and I LOVED the West Wing...we were so sad when it was over. I seriously need to get the DVD box set, dh would love it.