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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


On this inauguration day, I'm not sure what to do other than flash back to four years ago.

We were living in Northern Virginia at the time and saw the inaugural as possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity. And we took it.

Much like today, it was cold, crowded, and at certain points, miserable (especially since I was pregnant and needed to pee the better part of the time that we spent in the security line - for two hours). But I love the fact that my husband and daughter and I can say that we went and participated... even if it was just in the parade.

Of course, President and Mrs. Bush didn't walk, but I got this picture of her in their limo as they drove past.

What we have seen today is one thing that I love about the U.S.A. We can have a peaceful change in government and those on all sides want to watch and participate. I know that there were many Democrats in town and watching on t.v. that day four years ago. Just as I know that many Republicans are there and watching on t.v. and via the Internet today. We all have a sense of pride want the best for our nation.

My most heart-felt congratulations to you, Mr. President. And my prayers for a successful tenure as President of this nation that I love so dearly.


Kay said...

How wonderful to get to witness a bit of history. Our country's 'peaceful transfer of power' is pretty incredible.

Renae said...

It is wonderful to be able to share such moments with our children. I'm still not sure I ever want to attend an inauguration though. I had such a nice view on my computer. ;)