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Monday, January 19, 2009

Staking Claim

When we purchased this house, there were several things we really liked about it.

The fireplace is one.

You gotta admit that a big ol’ fireplace can give a place some character.

Another thing we liked was the back room. It’s big and spacious and is what one friend of mine would call a “den.”

For some reason I’m not fond of calling a room in my house a den. Sounds too 70’s or something. And I’m not a bear.

But I digress.

It was what we would call, at the time, a play room.

It immediately became filled with kids’ toys. It has been home to 2 rocking horses, a slide, a kitchen with all the accessories, baby dolls, beds, strollers, a train table and hundreds upon hundreds of cars, trucks, and other various vehicles.

Yes, it was definitely a play room; but a play room for which we had plans.

Much like the rest of the living area, this room is full of wood paneling circa 1980 and has a bunch of built-in cabinets on one end. A built-in entertainment center really, to be exact. So, when we saw this room as we viewed the home the first time, we initially saw a great big huge play room; but we also saw a future media room.

Well, today I am oh so pleased to announce that we are on our way to achieving that dream.

We are claiming that room from the death grip of toys for some adult use.

Oh, yes, we are!

With the help of some gift cards we got for Christmas, we purchased a big ol’ honkin’ (as we call it here in the Lone Star State) t.v. and a couch and chair to begin the makings of a media room.

This seems a little weird to post considering this post I put up last week, but rest assured, that none of this would have happened were it not for the gift cards. I don't know why I felt the need to clarify that... but I did.

Now, there are still toys, rest assured. How can there not be with a 7 and 3 year old in the house? But I have been doing some serious cleaning and there are significantly fewer toys and they are gathered in only one half of the room. The other half is now dedicated to the t.v. & entertainment center.

So, yes they are toys, but a little more grown up toys.

We are laying claim to that room, y’all. I feel like we should be raising a flag or something.

This is one small step for parents, but one giant leap for adulthood.



Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Aaahhh...that will be a very nice room! Always good to have a little something for the adults! :)

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

YAY for grown-up toys! FUN!

We are totally rockin the wood paneling here, too. I like to think of it as retro chic. ;)