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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DFWChix Bloggers at The Melting Pot in Grapevine!

Several weeks ago, I got an email from Rachel at Surviving the Stores introducing herself as a blogger that lives in the D/FW area. She wanted to get some of us local bloggers together for a meet-up.

At first I was a little stunned, and then I saw that she got my name from Alyssa whom I met on twitter (@kingdomfirstmom) a while back. Alyssa and I have tweeted back and forth periodically about storms rolling through the area this spring. You can always tell who's local by the weather tweets.

Well, stink. Can you even tell those are people in that picture? Why is it out of focus? Not my fault, folks... I was actually in front of the camera this time, not behind it.

Anyways, here's a list of who was there so you can go visit them:

Rachel @ Surviving the Stores
Alyssa @ Kingdom First Mom
Amy @ Amy Loves It!
Dwan @ MommaDJane
Heather @ Your Coupon Buddy
Hollie @ Happy Couponing
Lea Ann @ Mommy's Wish List
Stephanie @ Couponing 101
Susan @ Craving The Savings

We met up at The Melting Pot in Grapevine. Our server, Sara (without an "h") is right there in front and was just as darlin' as she could be. She and the rest of the staff were on the spot with anything we needed and was engaging but not overly so. Some servers can be a little much for me, personally, but every wait-staff member that I have ever encountered at the Melting Pot has always been a good balance of friendly while maintaining a professional demeanor about their service.

I also got a surprise when one of the girls and I were talking and found that we had a mutual friend and that we had likely met at this friend's house before. Such a small, small world.

Here are some food highlights from the evening:

Spinach Artichoke Cheese Fondue with Fontina and Butterkase cheeses, spinach, artichoke hearts and garlic in a broth base.

We also sampled the Cheddar Cheese Fondue (in a beer base) and the Quattro Formaggio Fondue (in a white wine base).

Alyssa, bless her heart, dropped something in the pot. And if you've ever done fondue, you know there's always a consequence to losing your food in the pot. When we do fondue at home, the loser has to do the dishes. But since this was a bloggy get together, the loser got their picture with her mouth wide open blogged for the whole world to see.

We had a variety of meats to cook three ways: Coq au Vin (red wine in bullion + seasonings), Mojo (Caribbean seasoned & inspired bullion), and Bourguignonne (a very fancy way to say "FRY ME SOME MEAT")

The best was still yet to come. The chocolate.

OHHH the chocolate.

The dark chocolate was good. I didn't touch the Turtle because, hello... pecans. But my favorite was the Tiramisu.

We had a variety of chocolate delivery methods and my favorite is usually pound cake and fruit. But I like the variety they offered with rice crispy treats and graham cracker covered marshmallows.

We have been to The Melting Pot before and I cannot think of a time I have had a bad experience. Enjoy a nice intimate dinner for two or have a large group. Either way it's a great place. And even if you are not local here in the DFW area, there are Melting Pot locations all over the country.

Have you dined at the Melting Pot before? Tell us about it in the comments.

I'll also take this opportunity to share with you my favorite chocolate fondue recipe. Click here to see it.

I look forward to doing more things with local bloggers. If you are local in the DFW area and would like to join us sometime, let me know either in the comments or drop me an email at (waymorehomemade at yahoo dot com) or click the email button above.

I also look forward to having more to say about local events and goings on. Stay tuned!


Lea Ann said...

Dreamt of being overtaken by a giant cheddar cheese tidal wave that night. What a way to go! An amazing meal.

Melinda said...

You KNOW I would love to join you sometime! Let me know and I'll be there!


Hollie @ Happy Couponing said...

WOW! You did such a great post! It was so great to meet you. You are a delight!

Kate said...

YUMM!!! My sisterface took me there for my birthday once...loved it...was totally taken on fondue.
Generally if I have a party now, it consists of fondue.

Kate said...

ps...the pic wasn't all were very cute.

HeatherMama said...

It was so great to meet you Donna! Dinner was fabulous!!

Stephanie said...

It was great meeting you! Had such a wonderful time!

maris said...

Those cheese fondue pictures look too good! Sometimes I don't love how you basically have to cook your own food at the Melting Pot but I can see where it would definitely be great fun in a group!

Amy said...

Donna, it was so nice to meet you.

And, yes, bless Alyssa's heart. lol

I loved your post!