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Monday, July 20, 2009

Mama Braggin' Monday - Camp

Mondays are the day of the week that I shamelessly brag on my kids here on the blog. Join me if you like. I'd love to see what awesome things your kids are up to. I am no longer adding the Mr. Linky, but please leave a comment and brag on your kids. Or you can brag on mine. Either way.


Several weeks ago, Sarah went to camp out in East Texas called Rockin' C Ranch. It's a small Christian camp and this is her 2nd year for overnight camp, but her 3rd year at the camp including the year she went to day-camp. For overnight camp, we drop her off on Sunday afternoon and pick her up on Friday evening.

Since it is a working ranch as well as a camp, they do all kinds of things that she doesn't get to do here in the city. They have daily chores which includes feeding the chickens and getting eggs for breakfast. There is horseback riding (she got up to a gallop this year), archery, air rifles (bb guns), fishing, kayaking, and lots of swimming.

She had a wonderful time again this year and had plenty to tell when we picked her up on that Friday.

One story was of another girl who was a little bossy, as she described it. Apparently to the point of hurting Sarah's feelings enough to make her cry one day. She said that one of the counselors talked to the girl and then said, "She just has a hard heart."

Mike and I couldn't help but smile at hearing her say that. I had to explain that, in life, we encounter a lot of people that have hard hearts and the best thing we can do is to pray for God to soften their hearts. She then asked, "Are we having pizza for dinner?"



She said she got a little homesick but overall, had a good time. I'm just proud that I got two, yes TWO, written and mailed communications from her while she was gone.


What about you? Have your kids gone to any camps or anything this summer?


Tonya said...

My oldest went to a barrel racing camp. It was her first overnight camp experience and a little extra risk there with it being her and her horse (who really tests her).

They came back from camp as a new "team" with her saddling, bridling and mounting her horse all on her own. We are so proud. He is a "big" horse for even me much less an 11 yr old, avg to short sized girl.

Then my middle girl went to a day camp with the church. She knew she may not know anyone there since it was all ages - she said, "that's ok mama, I'll make friends". Love it!