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Friday, July 31, 2009

Flavor of the Month - Pie.... Blueberry Pie, that is.

Bake at 350

This is not the best post I'll ever do for Bake at 350's Flavor of the Month, but it will get the job done this month.

I have been planning to make Simply Recipes' Blueberry Pie for the Flavor of the Month for quite a while because I had never made a blueberry pie before. But, I just hadn't had an occasion to make it.

I even tweeted last week that "I really need a reason to make a blueberry pie. Really."

The responses I got ranged from "Why do you need a reason?" to "Blueberry ends in -y and Thursday ends in -y. Sounds like a good reason to me."

Fair enough.

But I finally found an occasion. My parents will be at my house tomorrow, so we'll have someone to share the pie with. Because what is the use in baking if you have nobody to share with.

So, here I am at 11:45 pm on the last day of the month when Bridget is hosting Flavor of the Month. I've just taken this beautiful pie out of the oven and haven't even tasted it yet.

Again, I used the recipe I found at Simply Recipes except for the crust. I used my favorite pie crust from Cook's Illustrated. I'll have to share that recipe later.


Bridget said...

It's gorgeous!!! Love those slits in the top crust!

Let us know how it tasted...thanks so much for participating!!!

Kim said...

I am absolutely DROOLING over that pie! I haven't seen blueberries in the stores here except once last November. And you can't buy them frozen either.

Keal said...

You so motivated me that I had to try it. I made it today and served it after dinner. It got great reviews. Thanks for sharing!!!

cookies and cups said...

Oh, I am sure it was delicious! It looks beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

I've made blueberry pie for the event, too! Yours looks divine!

Cindy said...

This is gorgeous!