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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Linky Dinks – Aggie Bonfire Edition

Before I moved on to posting on happier or good tasting things again, I wanted to just pause and do a little round up of sorts of blog posts that I read yesterday as people remembered the 12 Fallen Aggies from the Bonfire collapse 10 years ago.

People who were there that day:

Amanda at Baby Bangs posted Remembering Bonfire

Denise at Musician’s Window posted Remembering Aggie Bonfire, 10 Years Later

Rachelizabeth at The Science of Music posted Bonfire. 10 Years Later

Personal accounts from the Bonfire Remembrance Program on November 17th, 2009 and Candlelight Vigil held at the Bonfire Memorial site at 2:42 am on November 18th, 2009:

Aggie photojournalist for the Statesman, Jay Janner took these photos.

Doug Klembara posted The Aggie Bonfire – Remembered

Someone posted on a short recap form the candlelight vigil.

The Modernish Father posted these moving pictures from Wednesday morning.

From news sources:

In the BCS Eagle, the story of an Aggie who left his Aggie Ring at the site that day.

The Battalion’s (Texas A&M University newspaper) Aggie Bonfire Edition

Sue at Aggie Journalists did a post linking to many of the news articles and special editions covering the 10 year anniversary: Aggie journalists record, reflect on Bonfire anniversary.

The Dallas Morning news has a list of articles here and this one got my proverbial panties in a wad because of our Governor and former Yell Leader’s meddling.

There were tons of articles in local papers all over that I simply don’t have time to link to and I am sure you could have Google find them for you if you wanted to read all of them.

I leave you today with one quote that I loved from all my reading yesterday that came from I think the father of one of The Fallen:

“The Aggie Spirit built bonfire; the bonfire did not build the Aggie Spirit.”

**If you did a blog post that I have not seen or linked to here, please link to it in the comments. **

Edited to add:

I also wanted to add a link to this Youtube video of the UT band playing Amazing Grace at the A&M/UT game in 1999 that I retweeted yesterday. Go here if you have kleenex available.


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