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Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh, and it was also Halloween {Mama Braggin’ Monday}

My mom called last week while I was gone one evening and invited us to come out to see them and their new house this weekend.  But as she and Mike talked about it for a moment, they realized that it was Halloween.  But once we talked about it, we realized that we had absolutely no plans during the entire weekend, so we said sure.  Because, seriously, the kids don’t care where they trick or treat as long as they get the candy, right?


I called her back and let her know that we did still have soccer games first thing on Saturday morning, but we would plan to leave right after that.  So off we went to Mimi and Papa’s house for Halloween.  This was a first for us.

I love that my kids spent that day doing a lot of this…

100_6544 … and this …

100_6551 100_6553

… and being doted on like this…


Oh and they also dressed up because it was, after all, Halloween.  100_6559


We went to a little bity country church’s fall festival.    The kids played games, went on a hayride and ate corny dogs. 

And, of course, got candy and prizes.

So, in my opinion… Halloween just doesn’t get any better than the day we had on Saturday.  I hope yours came close to being as fun as ours.


Kay said...

Ya know, that just sounds absolutely delightful! I'm glad you had such a perfect day. : )

momstheword said...

I saw your comments on Lisa's blog and loved your blog name so had to pop over!

Looks like you had a fun day, that's what memories are made of. My children used to love going to my folk's house.

Now my dad is with the Lord but my mom lives with us, so now they get to visit her every day!

I've added you to my google reader and look forward to reading more!

Real Life Sarah said...

Ah, that looks so fun!! I love it when my kids get to help my husband outside, and they love it too!