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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Supermodel MeeMaw

I could so totally be on America's Next Top Model, y'all.


A friend called me earlier this week and asked me if I could help her out with a project for her work. She works in marketing and communications for a local children's hospital and they were putting together a marketing piece showing a "day in the life" of a working mom.

Being a non-profit, they were on a limited budget and needed to get some volunteers to interact in some of the scenes with their "mom" for the photo shoot. I got to play the part of her boss who was not real thrilled with her having to leave work to pick up her sick child.

Apparently I played the part well. I was told that I was "the meanest boss ever" as my friend stood on the other side of the room and giggled at me as I said things like, "I don't have kids because I'm focused on my career," and sighed loudly as the "mom" pretended to take a phone call in the middle of a meeting.

I felt like I had to say out-loud several times, "I am SO not that person." Clearly, I relate more with the mom who has to leave work sometimes for her kids. And I certainly get the feeling that the men I work with don't get it. They aren't as blatant as I was being, but it's a similar sentiment and definitely a negative vibe at times.

It was a fun experience for a first time doing something like that. And I went through the rest of my day feeling pretty good about myself after it.

Then came aerobics.

For some reason after no very far into our step aerobics workout, my lower back became very sore and fatigued. I thought I might not finish the workout. But after some stretching I decided to just power on through and it wasn't too bad. Then during our floor exercises (leg lifts and abs) my hip started really hurting. Like down in the joint. (I'm guessing I must have been compensating for my back, causing the pain in my hips.)

I finally hobbled home feeling like I was falling apart.

I promptly told my man to just start calling me MeeMaw because clearly I had aged 50 years in the course of a day.

Would America's Top Model take an 86 year old?