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Monday, September 17, 2007


Sarah had her first soccer practice and game last week. It was clear as she wandered out onto the court at practice on Thursday evening that she had absolutely no clue what was going on. She knows the basics that you kick the ball and don’t use your hands, but beyond that she doesn’t know a thing about it (and neither do I for that matter). One of the best scenes at practice was when I saw her just skipping along down the court without a care in the world.

The game was funny also. We actually played against a team coached by a friend of ours from church. Coach Mike had them put on eye black underneath their eyes because it makes them look “fierce” and they were all about that. We (The Jets, btw) beat them pretty well. We have a couple of very good players that take charge with the ball. She went in during the 2nd quarter and tried really hard. She would get frustrated as she would get control of the ball only to lose it to a faster kid pretty quickly. But she stuck with it. That is, she stuck with it up until she made and unintentional head shot when a kid threw it in towards the end of the 2nd quarter. We all tried to tell her that people do actually use their heads in soccer and that it probably just scared her more than it hurt. “No,” she replied, “it HURT.” He asked if she wanted to go back in later on in the game, but she was not interested and seemed to begin to wilt in the hot sun (our delicate flower).


brittany said...

Wow-e-wow-wow, is she growing up fast, or what?!? What a pretty girl you have there!

Cristel said...

Priceless. Sweet princess Sarah. I'm sure it DID hurt. That's why I'm not down with soccer! Love the black eye. Great picture of her with the soccer ball. Eva says "that's my Sarah. I love my Sarah."