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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Oooh, I got a new toy this week. I have actually gotten a couple of new toys with my birthday money this year.

First, I got a new (well, refurbished) digital camera. My old one quit working much earlier in the year and I didn’t think I would miss it as much as I have. So, I first looked into having it repaired, but it was not going to cost much different to get a new one on ebay that was even an upgrade. It’s really neat and takes some pretty good pictures. I even did a “self portrait” to celebrate.

Also, I got a new (well, used actually) Cricut (with a short “i” sound… like cricket) machine. If you’re wondering what in the world a Cricut is, it’s kind of the “holy grail” of all scrapbook toys out on the market right now. It is basically a die-cutting machine that will make different fonts and shapes at whatever size you specify based on different cartridges you insert. Mike actually gave me a Mickey Mouse cartridge for my birthday because my friend Lisa has a Cricut that I have used before. He figured I could just use hers when I go over there to crop. However… I had different plans. I was able to find one (smaller than Lisa’s) used on ebay for a fraction of the cost which fit nicely into my birthday money budget. I’m also looking at getting one more cartridge to go with it. But that may have to wait as I “need” some new clothes for work. OOOH, I can’t wait to get started.

Check out this fun video clip:

These are guys that will try to blend anything in their brand of blender. They've done all kinds of things including glow sticks.

Isnt’ it funny how we, as adults, love our toys as much as kids do. Only ours tend to be more expensive and easier to break. What causes us to crave toys and something new to play with?

For me, I think its distraction. I feel the need to have some distraction periodically from the reality of what life is. That’s partially why I scrapbook. It gives me something to do that allows me to just leave the rest of the world behind for a while. I get to go back in time and relive memories by looking at and journaling about the pictures in my scrapbooks. I also use scrapbooking as an outlet for visual arts. I get plenty of opportunities at church for performing arts, but I don’t have many opportunities these days for visual art. Photography is one and scrapbooking is another. And they go hand-in-hand.

I do have to be careful, though, that I’m not trying to fill myself up with these “distractions” from life instead of looking to Jesus for that fulfillment. I think back to purpose here. At BSF this morning, one of the principles brought out by our teaching leader was that how we spend ourselves shows what we perceive our purpose to be. I certainly don’t want to leave a legacy for my children that I thought my whole purpose in life was to take pictures and scrapbook them. I want them to see me spending my life in pursuit of knowing the person of Jesus Christ better and more intimately each day. So, I just need to make sure that how I spend myself each day reflects that purpose that I believe He has given me.