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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas 9-1-1... HELP!

My attic threw up Christmas all over my living room!

Every year I ask myself, "Why do I go through all this trouble?" And every year I do it all over again.


I've actually done some decorating and putting away of boxes since these pictures were taken, but it looked like this for several days.

And I'm not quite done yet. It's just that more pressing matters like work, making a costume for Sarah's role in the church Christmas play, Mike going to Chicago this week and the myriad of other things we have going on have taken precedence.

What about you? Do you decorate a lot or a little for Christmas? How are you doing on your Christmas decorating?


Cristel said...

At least yours has made it out of the attic. I'm hoping this weekend will be magic around here and our house will be transformed into a winter wonderland. Or something Christmasy anyway!

Michelle V said...

Mine has not even made it out yet, but the plan is to get it done this weekend. I have a small house so I don't have much to decorate, so that's a good thing!


Tiffany said...

I love the hominess decorating for holidays brings to my home. Problem is, I love doing it when the house is super clean. So it takes some doing! Course then bringing decorations down from the attic messes it all up again...

But I really want my kids to have all of those memories and for the memories to call them home to mama:)

Lolly said...

I know I am crazy, but I started putting mine out on November 15th and finished on the 19th. I like them up before Thanksgiving and we had plans the weekend before, so I moved it up a week. The whole time I am putting it out, I am thinking about having to put it back up. Once the presents are gone, I don't like an empty tree, so mine gets put up on December 26th. That would be three weeks from tomorrow. I dread it!

Melinda said...

We are headed to Texas this year (oh yes we are!), and because my girls will be meeting us there, we decided not to put up the tree - just some touches here and there. I thought I would be relieved, but I really miss it! Turns out that I don't just do it for the kids, after all!

Angie said...

We moved last year on December 30, so when I took down all of the Christmas stuff it was haphazardly thrown into boxes. So this year it has been harder to find things! Hey, there's a cool giveaway thing going on here:

Kim said...

I've always loved decorating but silly me got rid of 80% of my Christmas stuff before the move. Now my living room looks absolutely pitiful and there's nothing at all for any of the other rooms. So I guess we're going for a Christmas minimalist look this year. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate! :)
p.s. LOVE your fireplace!