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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We pause a moment for some Mama Braggin'

I may have been the proudest mama alive for a few seconds on Sunday evening...

(Please forgive the videography. We're not professionals.)

My little shepherd is on the far left (hopefully that doesn't say anything political about him). He wouldn't stay on stage without mama there....

He did not get the performer/spot-light junkie gene that the rest of us got. He's my little un-performer.

But he stayed up there and didn't melt down in the midst of what must have been terribly intimidating circumstances in front of a Worship Center FULL of people. I was so proud.

Sarah had a solo and it was just the most natural thing in the world for her to sing about Jesus. It was so precious I cried.

Then, toward the end, someone came out portraying Jesus in a sort of "Easter" scene. Nathan stood up and shouted in the way that only a 3 yeard old can, "IT'S JESUS!" And then a second later said, "It's GOD!"

Yes, son. It's GOD!

I can't tell you how proud I was of both of them.

Thank you for indulging my Mama Braggin'.

Anyone else want to brag on their kids? Tell me... brag away, friends.


Anonymous said...

Too precious!!

Kay said...

That is too cute. The little man.. he just isn't into it, bless his heart. (I had one of those too)

Michelle V said...

They are both absolutely adorable! Way to go Mom!


rusty'swife said...

I saw the clips on FB yesterday, and I cried then, thought I wouldn't cry again, more fool me. They are just so cute.


Anonymous said...

Your children are precious:) (But you already knew that)! How cool that your little guy was able to maintain outside of his comfort zone. Yay you for being a proud mommy!

bigadd said...

I have been a little busy lately so I read the last five post all at once. Let's just say---if you think you are bragging about your kids you ought to hear what grandparents say. I can just hear your mom now. I know because I have those little (and big) guys and gals too.
As to the moon/jupiter/venus pic, it looked just like the one I took. Isn't that amazing!!
Don't know about the cooking session but I did cook a pot or red beans with a ham hock today.

Angie said...

Way to go Nathan and Sarah!!!

Chantelle said...

I cried, too. I still remember when Sarah was born and think it's amazing what a wonderful young lady she is becoming. Congrats, mom!