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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Counseling will be needed, I'm sure of it

I failed to mention it around here, but the Princess had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. She turned 8 on a day when I was in a serious hormonal funk. Thus, the failure to mention it. I actually started writing a post that day, but it was so whiny that it annoyed even me. So I decided to delete it rather than subject all of you, my wonderful blog friends and readers to such an atrocity of a blog post.

Thankfully she doesn't realize that I didn't post about her birthday that day. But I'm certain she will realize one day that I did not post about how wonderful she in on her 8th birthday and ohmygoodness, let the counseling sessions begin.

But I digress.

Princess turned 8 and one of the things she asked for was in-line skates. Actually, at first she asked for heelies (did I spell that right), but she finally decided against them since there isn't anywhere she could wear them and I think she got over the idea of having to pick up your toes to roll on them pretty quickly. It didn't hurt that she also went to a roller skating party where she discovered a new love for roller skating.

And I realized that there is still a fascination at roller rinks with the disco ball. And yet there was a serious lack of disco music.

So that weekend, we moved the cars out of the garage to let her try out her very own skates at home. Sans disco ball.

And certainly, one cannot expect her little brother, my Little Man, to be left out of the excitement. Thankfully, we found some old skates of one of their cousins that had been passed down to us (OH how I love me some hand-me-downs). They fit him perfectly, so we just had to suit up. And we had to use whatever we could find. Look closely.

Oh! YES! I! Did!

I put princess knee pads and elbow pads on the boy. So, yes, he's going to need some counseling, too. If he ever sees these pictures once he's old enough to know the difference, that is.

But give me a little credit. His helmet is ALL BOY with Tonka all over it and everything. And you wouldn't want him to be completely unprotected would you?

So, if you happen to be the one to counsel my kids once they are adults, you can tell them, I only did what I had to do at the moment.

Yeah. Because that's what counselors always tell people about their mothers.

And just for proof of how necessary the knee & elbow pads were:

What have you done that is going to send your kids into counselling when they are older? I know you have something, because we ALL do.


Sallye said...


Love when Nathan ask (after falling) "Can I do that again?"

Have a blessed day.


Kay said...

Like we say at our house...something else for them to put in their book. :-D

Courtney said...

What will my daugther talk to the counsellor about.... Hello? She has me for a mother.... what wont she talk about is more the question! :D