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Friday, March 27, 2009

Foodie Friday... kind of. A Sourdough Update

Hello blog friends.

I'm sorry that I have neither a Fitness Friday nor a true Foodie Friday post for you today. I was way too busy yesterday evening actually exercising and cooking Chile Rellenos and cheesecake.

However, I did want to share with you that I am still working on getting the sourdough thing figured out. In fact, I asked @thefoodgeek on Twitter "Why, oh WHY won't my sourdough rise???!!!" And you know what, he wrote me an answer in his column entitiled "Kitchen Mysteries with The Food Geek."

And it includes a video that is about 15 minutes long. It is well worth it as Peter Reinhart (the guy in the video) talks about transformation in bread in such a way that it has far reaching, even spiritual, implications. Take a few minutes to listen. He's humorous and very informative.

Click here to read "Sunken Sourdough Sadness" on

And I plan on posting a few recipes next week.

Have I told y'all how much I LOVE all of you my blog peeps? Thanks for reading here at Way More Homemade and being my blog friends. You're all just as great as you can be!


Kim said...

Our internet is really slow tonight so I'll check out tomorrow morning (it's always much faster in the mornings). I want to make homemade bread and have tried to make homemade bread and even had a Mennonite friend waste, er I mean spend, a whole day trying to teach me to make homemade bread. But it has all been for naught.

And yet hope springs eternal and I haven't given up, always thinking that somehow, somewhere, someone will whisper in my ear that little secret which will make me a bread maker extraordinaire!

Courtney said...

Oh I lurrrve sourdough bread. Now its Sunday 10:35pm and Im hankering for some sourdough toast... *sigh* I need to remember not to read your blog when the stores arent open!