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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dora's New Look

Did you know that Dora the Explorer was growing up?

Finally after all of these years, she is maturing a little bit... just like our own daughters (and sons).


The idea was to get some of these girls back and interested again once they outgrow the younger version. This new and older Dora is supposed to appeal to 5 - 8 year olds who watched the original cartoon when they were younger.

I get it. From an advertising perspective and having this age of child at home, I get that the 5-8 year old is more likely to try to influence their parents' buying habits based upon what they see in commercials. It seems that would naturally make advertising time in time slots geared toward that age group a little more valuable.

I tweeted last night with a couple of people and one person mentioned that they thought a different character, like an older sister should have been developed. I think that's a fair statement. Another spin-off like Diego was for boys. But for some reason, Nickelodeon decided to just let little Dora grow up a bit.

However, I think Nickelodeon has done a sorry job of releasing the new image. For a week or so, all we had seen was this silhouette. You can't tell a whole lot other than her hair is longer as are her legs as noted by what appears to be quite the short skirt.

As knowledge of this image has made its rounds, many parents, and rightly so, have expressed concern over the possibility that this innocent little character was going to be over sexualized. I, too was concerned, not wanting sweet little annoying Dora to go the way of the Bratz dolls.

I'm pretty protective of my kids and of what they watch on television, as I'm sure many of you are as well. And while Dora the Explorer can be incredibly annoying on so many levels, both of my kids have learned from her and enjoyed her adventures.

Well, last night, I saw on the news that they had finally released the full image of what this new
and older Dora will look like. Can I just say, CUTE.

I think they've done an amazing job. And if there is an actual show (I am questioning based on this article that talks mainly of a doll) I hope it is every bit as classy as she looks. And as far as the sexualized/trampy concerns... well, I just want to point out that the poor girl's bare mid-drift is now covered. End of discussion.

The original younger Dora will still be around for our preschoolers, but I am looking forward to what this older Dora has to offer my now 8 year old.

What about you? What do you think about the new Dora? Had you heard anything about it? Leave me a comment, 'cuz I'd love to know what you think.


Anonymous said...

This is the first I've heard about this. W/no children, once I stopped teaching little guys, I've been in a Dora-less, Blues Clues-less Little Bill-less bubble! I like the way they drew Older Dora. And, I agree that the show is more than a little annoying:)

Kay said...

I think she looks cute. I never went for her blunt little kid hairdo or her tummy sticking out of her clothes. And yes.. at least she's covered up! LOL Maybe they can come up with some less annoying songs... we could all do without another rendition of THE MAP SONG. ugh.

Sheryl said...

I hadn't heard much about it but I think she's totally cute! I'm glad her tummy isn't showing anymore!!

Jenny Beth @ JenuineJen said...

My husband and I thought she looks cute too. I think much cuter than the original. I'm surprised so many people were upset about. Maybe I would have been more skeptical had I seen only the outline silhouette instead of the color image the first time I learned she was growing up

courtney said...

The silhoutte wasnt so good, but the full colour version of the older Dora is lovely... Im glad that there is *hopefully* going to be an innocent, non sexualised cartoon figure for my daugther to follow as she gets older, because she totally diggs that 'yeah-go Mummah, yeah-go" and Dora!

And for the record, Bronwen grows out of her clothes so fast that most of the time a little bit of her tummy shows (only around the house mind), so I dont have an issue with Dora on that front.