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Friday, March 13, 2009

Fitness Friday - Blog Swap

Wii Mommies is hosting a Blog Swap this Fitness Friday. So, today, you can find me hanging out with @3boyzmom at her blog Save Your Money Mama.

Now, let's all give a warm welcome WayMoreHomemade welcome to Courtney from both
Giftfully Simple and The Apple of My Eye (@TheAppleOfMyEye) as she guest posts here today.

*cue applause*

The Unhealthy Way to Diet

After the birth of my second daughter, I was bound and determined to get rid of the baby weight. I wasn't going to let the baby weight hang around, bothering me. I didn't want to wear my "fat" pants anymore and I wanted my energy back. I was ready to get back into my "hot mama" body again and feel good about myself.

The first diet I tried was one that you start off with a cleansing by drinking a lemon, water and maple syrup drink while taking these huge horse size capsules of fiber and herbs. Then you ease back into food by drinking shakes and then slowly introduce fruits, veggies and then lean meats back into your diet. There was also an intense workout program which included cardio and weights in a fast paced regimen. I had a hard time getting into this diet plan, so it really didn't work for me. I think I just wasn't determined enough at this point and with a diet like this, you have to be very determined!

The diet that finally worked for me, but was extremely intense, was the Medifast diet. The Medifast diet consists of pre-packaged soups, shakes, oatmeal and bars along with one actual meal a day that consists of a lean meat and veggie. I ate a lot of chicken breasts and broccoli and ended up losing 30 lbs in 3 months. I did not cheat once by eating sweets or drinking alcohol while on the diet. I guess I was finally determined to get rid of the baby fat, plus a few extra pounds from my first pregnancy. By the time I was done with the diet, I weighed 20 lbs less than I did prior to my first pregnancy!

This was the hardest diet I had ever done! I was starving the entire 3 months and was irritable and lost hair! I made the mistake of not taking a multivitamin and my poor body was vitamin deprived, which resulted in me losing my hair.

I also had the worst case of post-partum depression ever as a result of the diet. The mixture of starving myself and normal post-partum was not good. I ended up on some super strong antidepressants which really sucked for me and for the people around me!

After the three months, I continued to watch what I ate and tried to stick to a vegetarian diet. I kept the weight off and maintained a size 6 figure for about a year and then became pregnant with my third daughter. This wasn't a planned pregnancy and I was selfishly disappointed when I first found out. I had worked so hard to maintain my body, but of course that changed almost immediately when I realized the life that was growing inside of my body. The gift God was giving me was the opportunity to take care of a precious little life.

I immediately started eating well balanced meals, taking prenatal vitamins and made my doctors appointments. I focused on having a healthy pregnancy, not a perfect figure and having a healthy baby. This past December I gave birth to a healthy, blue eyed 7lb 6oz baby girl!

Thanks, Courtney, for a great reminder to carefully choose how we go about our dieting so that we stay healthy. And congratulations on your baby girl!

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Colleen said...

Glad you are eating healthier now..and congrats on a new baby!