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Monday, April 6, 2009

Day out with guess who...

Thomas the Tank Engine, of course.

The Day Out with Thomas event is mostly free. To actually ride the train pulled by the Thomas engine is quite expensive and in the several times we have been to this event we have never done it. There are many other things to do, though.

Nathan knew exactly where to go. After a quick slide and a little jump about in the bounce house, he drug us over to the tent with all the train tables set up.

Sarah quickly came to realize that there wasn't much for her to do. She and I went for a little walk while daddy stayed with Nathan to play a bit longer and we found a shop housing some resident glass blowers. We eventually had time to come back and watch them and it really was quite fascinating.

But the main event of the day was getting to see Thomas up close. I heard him pull back into the station from a trip and knew we had a limited amount of time before he would leave again.

My mission if I chose to accept it: Gather my family from the far reaches of the carnival and get a photo. Quick.

Once I finally got everyone assembled after several frustrated phone calls (you know the ones - "WHY did you go there? You should have read my mind and gone here." etc...) we all finally gathered to get a peek at Thomas up close.

We were hoping to avoid the line for getting pictures made. But I could not get him to turn around for a picture to save my life. That sweet boy would not stop looking at the cheeky blue #1 engine.

So after 15 attempts with pictures that look similar to the one above, we gave in and went to stand in line. We stood there and politely let the "picture people" take a family photo of us that we never intended to purchase. But the little man got to see Thomas up close and touch him. After that, he was more than happy to pose for a picture with his sister.

After that we were able to go back and look at the model train exhibit which very well may have fascinated dad as much or more than son. I can't be certain.

We spent a Day Out with Thomas.

And we thoroughly enjoyed it.


KindaSassy said...

Im not sure what the deal is with Thomas... maybe Bronwen is too old for him already, but to be honest, she never really gave him the time of day. Its all about Dora and Diego around here....

Kay said...

We used to have Thomas at our house. Actually he was 'Thomas the Tank-in' to him. LOL So cute! : )