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Friday, April 17, 2009

Fitness Friday - Two Hundred Twenty Five

This is a Fitness Friday post that I wrote several weeks ago for the Wii Mommies Blog Swap. I decided today to re-run it over here. Enjoy.


Two hundred twenty-five

I was at my Fun, Fit & Fabulous exercise class this evening and realized I had never really told you about the format of the class. I have mentioned it before but never really told you about it.

The class is free and is done at my friend’s church and led by a certified fitness instructor. The class is so great, and so is our instructor. She pushes you, but is not pushy. She challenges you but is not obnoxious. I never thought I’d say this about an exercise class of all things, but I really do like it.

One thing I like is our format, which is a format that we all might take a lesson from. We rotate through particular exercise programs for a week at a time. In other words, we do a week of toning, then a week of aerobics, a week of yoga, a week of step aerobics, etc. You get the idea, right?

I didn’t really get why we did it that way until I read this article.

The first thing listed about why your workout may not be working is that our muscles adapt and then we plateau. So, I'm thinking that the way we change our routine every week in our class keeps our muscles fresh and challenged.

I think we could all implement this concept in our own workouts whether we are at home doing our own thing, using the Wii Fit, or going to the gym. Specifically on the Wii Fit, I can see doing something like what we do in our Fun, Fit & Fabulous class. Try doing just aerobics for your allotted time each day for a week. Then do just strength exercises the next week, followed by just yoga and rotate week by week. I think it would allow you the practice to master the exercises while also changing things up for your muscles.

This week in class we’ve been doing 55 minutes of aerobics followed by 5 minutes of abs. My body has been challenged this week as it’s been a while since we’ve done the aerobics rotation. Oh, and by the way, do you know how many abdominal crunches of various kinds you can do in five minutes?

Yep, you guessed it.


At least.


Holly said...

Wow, that is a awful lot of crunches! I feel tired just thinking about doing that many!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

I can't even imagine doing that many crunches. FIVE tire me slap out....