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Friday, October 2, 2009

Foodie Friday: It's all Greek to me

Last Friday, the entire 3rd grade at my daughter's school participated in their own Greek Olympics and Greek Feast to compliment their study of Greek history this year. They did the whole bit.

First was the opening ceremony and a parade around the school yard following a real Olympic Torch that was loaned to us by a parent who had carried it for one of the recent games.

The games were modified, but very similar to what they would have done in Greece. There was javelin (um, can you say "SCARY" with 3rd graders throwing a pointy stick), discus, long jump, and of course, the 'howeverlong' dash.

Yeah, it was hard to do in a toga, I imagine.

But the best part of the morning came after I had to leave to go to work. And that was the Greek Feast. Parents all brought different types of Greek food from pitas to baklava. One thing that I noticed was missing from the list was Greek Celebration Bread (or Artos) which I made a while back for my Bread Baker's Apprentice challenge. So, in typical Donna-style, I added it to the list and decided to make some.

And this is the reaction it brought.

I have added the recipe for Greek Celebration Bread over on my Recipe Blog. Enjoy!

Or I guess I should say...



Tammy said...

Double Opa! Love this!

Tiffany said...

Bring on the bread!