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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sightseeing in Beijing

Mike had been told that everything would be shut down all day on both that Friday and Saturday. Can you imagine being in Beijing, China for what is likely the only time you will ever be there in your life and not be able to go see any of the important sites? He was terribly frustrated over it.

He did go see the Olympic Village that we all got to know so well last summer.

As it turned out, Mike and his business partner woke up on Saturday morning and decided to get on the subway and head to the Forbidden City just to see what they could see.

And it was open. They got to spend about 1 ½ hour there with a guide seeing some of the highlights.

Their guide even took them to a room where the nephew of “The Last Emperor” still comes to on Saturdays to do calligraphy. And he met him.


While he was there, he also made a trip to the silk market where he picked up a little something for each of us.

Sorry. You don't get to see mine. :)

I was so excited for him that he got to see at least a little bit of the historical part of China.

One thing that he learned from his trip, though, is that even though it was a place that was not really on his list of places he wanted to go, he now wants to go back.

So, China, look out. We might someday be headed your way.


Beckypdj said...

Glad your husband got to see some of China. The kids outfits are so cute.

Kay said...

Wow! My dd is really wanting to go to China etc. She sorely underestimates the logistics involved. A little more to it than hopping on a plane for Disney! LOL

So glad he got to see the sites though. Glad he took the camera! :) My dh used to travel to Germany and never took a camera. sigh. lol

Brittany said...

I wanna see yours!!!! hehe! Ok, maybe I don't. ;)

Cool pics and glad he got to SOMETHING fun while there.