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Monday, October 12, 2009

Of boys and fire breathing animals {Mama Braggin' Monday}

I am reminded periodically by circumstances and conversations that I have, in fact, a little boy. And that he is 100%, grade A, B-O-Y.

Which I do believe is something to be bragged about. Because, you see, I originally wanted another girl.

There. I said it.

But now I realize what I would be missing if I just had two girls and no boy to bring his own perspective to the family. In fact, I feel bad in a way for my friends who only have all girls or all boys. I know God has blessed them with that for one reason or the other, but I LOVE that I get to experience both genders as a mother. And this story is just one reason I love my 100% boy.

The kids had an early release day from school one Friday after a fundraiser Fun Run that the grammar school kids did. So, we thought a nice relaxing trip to the zoo was in order. Everyone else in public school would still be in school so it shouldn't be crowded. And, it was one of those rare August days when it is below 105 F.

The day did not fail us. It was gorgeous. Mike took the kids right after lunch and then I joined them at about 4 pm after I left work. After I got there, we went to see the elephants, giraffes and the hippopotamus.

We got us a show, too. While we were standing there, some of the elephant keepers came out and began giving each of the elephants a shower. One by one, the elephants would lie down and get sprayed for a while. Then they'd stand up, turn around, lift up each of their legs... it looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

And then the hippopotamus, who is usually just sedentary at the bottom of the pool was swimming around and one of them shot up out of the water and splashed around a bit. Definitely something you don't see every day.

So then, as we were leaving the hippopotamus and giraffe behind, this conversation occurred between my son and I:

Me: "What do you want to go see next?"

Son: "The rhinoceros!"

Me: "What does a rhinoceros look like? Describe him to me."

Son: "He's big and he has horns and..."

Me: "Where are his horns? On his back?"

Son: "No. On his nose. And he shoots fire out of them."

Me: "Um, I don't think that's accurate. I don't think they shoot fire out of them."

Son: "Yes they do."

(A little while later while looking at the rhinoceros....)

Son: "Dad, does the rhinoceros shoot fire out of its horn?"

(Since apparently mom's word wasn't good enough for him.)

Dad: "No. No, I believe the rhinoceros does NOT shoot fire out of it's horn. As cool as that would be, there is no fire coming out of that animal."

Me: "I told ya!!"

(Yeah, I'm real mature.)

I can't imagine that many girls would come up with a rhinoceros shooting fire out of his horns. Maybe some would, but that's just not a conversation I remember ever having with my daughter. And I LOVE that I get to have these conversations.

So that I can laugh like crazy.

And show my own maturity.

And enjoy my 100% boy.


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Pat said...

This is so cute. I went the other way, had 2 boys and then was blessed with a girl. i think it is best to try out both. Then you can pick the ones you want depending on the mood you are in, right :)...Just kidding of course. I do love the way little boys think!
Bless you lady!!
Pat Layton