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Friday, May 30, 2008

Foodie Friday - Just Desserts

You will find that I talk a lot about sweets. It's because I think a lot about sweets. I dream about them. I guess I could say that if I remembered my dreams, which I don't.

But I digress.

Desserts. They a way of life for me.

It's no wonder I gained 2000 pounds when I was pregnant. Seriously, 2000 pounds.

'Cuz you know, I never exaggerate.


We try not to order dessert too much when we eat out. It just adds to the bill and the waist line (and buttocks).

However there are a few that I truly relish the opportunity to indulge in.

Chocolate Canoli at Bucca di Beppo. We recently visited this restaurant only within the last year or so and it happened to be on one of those special dates when we order dessert. I have to admit, I was smitten. It's a nice crispy canoli filled with a beautiful white creme (which kind of surprised us because we thought it would be... well, chocolate.) However, it is served on a plate covered in chocolate sauce and some drizzled on top with some pistachios. And, they come in 3's so it's perfect to take 1 home and eat for breakfast the next day. However, our most recent visit revealed a complete lack of Chocolate Canoli on the menu. When we asked, our waiter said that they had recently re-done the menu but accommodated our request.

Warm Flourless Chocolate Waffle or Banana Pudding at Sweetwater Tavern in Centreville, VA. One of our first visits to Fair Oaks Church in Virginia was very lucrative in the realm of desserts. Pastor Stokes spoke of this marvelous sounding dessert at a particular restaurant. I made Mike go find out where we could find such a confection. I have to admit, the Flourless Chocolate Waffle was everything I dreamed it would be. The neat thing about Sweetwater Tavern was that they would feature special desserts every once in a while like their Banana Pudding that were not normally available. This is the only banana pudding Mike has ever eaten and liked. It's this really light whipped pudding that tastes like, well, banana. It's incredible.

It was funny, though... the next Sunday, Pastor Stokes mentioned during his sermon the couple that accosted him after the service the previous week to find out about the Flourless Chocolate Waffle. Then he went on to talk about chocolate malts. Man, I was pregnant and he was speaking my language. We we may have become "that stalker couple that keeps asking about dessert," but we knew we had found our church after that.

Flourless Chocolate Cake at 1717. Are you noticing a trend? Hmm.. 1717 is the restaurant at the Dallas Museum of Art. Mike and I had a date one Saturday and went to go see an exhibit at the DMA. Our mistake was going to eat lunch first and indulging in the flourless chocolate cake. We were on such sugar overload that we trudged our way through the exhibit (which I really can't remember now, but it might have been Egyptian in nature) and raced home and remained in a sugar coma the rest of the afternoon. It was a diabetic's nightmare.

Then, of course there's the DQ Blizzard or dip cone, the Chick-fil-a handspun shake, and the sweetheart shake at Sonic.

Do you have a favorite restaurant dessert?


Lolly said...

They all sound wonderful!!!