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Friday, May 9, 2008

Foodie Friday

I had the opportunity to sit next a friend whom I don't normally get to sit next to during choir on Wednesday evening. In the course of the rehearsal, part of the time while we should have been singing, I found out that she and her family are going to Washington DC for summer vacation next month.

Oh, I became so nostalgic. Wishing I could go and visit.

I began asking what they were going to do, where they were going to go, and where on earth they were going to eat.

Because you know, I am a woman of priorities.

So, I began telling her of some our favorite Washington DC spots. In particular Red Sage, which is located not too far from the White House. I told her of their ribs... their wonderful, tender, falling off the bone, chipotle barbeque sauce covered ribs.

Are you drooling yet?

You should be.

I first encountered Red Sage in December of 2004 when we went to see the National Christmas Tree at the White House. Mike worked in downtown that day and just happened to choose a place for us to have dinner that would be in walking distance to see the tree. And mama (who was indeed pregnant with the Little Man at the time) decided she needed herself some ribs.

It was indeed love at first bite.

We went back several times before we moved back to Texas taking several family members and friends.

So, today I began doing a little bit of research to send her a link to something about the restaurant.

And what did I find? Red Sage is closed. As of December, it's closed.

What a sad, sad day for residents of the WMA (Washington Metro Area).

So, Foodie Friday... yes, I very well make this a weekly post. We'll see how it goes.