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Monday, May 5, 2008

Miracle Monday

My miracle this fine Monday is fairly shallow... I'll admit that right now, up front. Don't be looking for a deep post today.

God bless Dillard's.

And God bless their ladies swim-wear buyers.

As some of you may know, I have been searching for a new swimsuit since January. My difficulty in this task is on many levels. For one thing, I have strong feelings about modesty in swimwear with regard to "the girls." And, with respect to them while we are speaking about them, "the girls" have issues of their own after 2 babies and need some extra support. But, I want something that's cute and functional for everything young children require while in a pool or at a beach.

Yes, you could say I have high standards.

But I'm entitled, right?

I had all but given up, though recently. I was too unsure about ordering something online because I hadn't found anything in-real-life that was even close to fitting properly without too much cleavege showing.

Also, the choices that I was finding online that met my needs size-wise, well, I'll just say that they assume that someone who needs that bra-size must want to purposefully wear something that is ugly. There's no other explanation for it.

And, what a hassle to order something, wait anxiously for it to arrive only to have to send it right back because I look in the mirror and cry in horror, "HOLY COW!"

So, after making a plea and having it answered by a Swimsuit Edition of Fashion Friday over at BigMama, I had new-found inspiration as to what I needed out of my swimsuit. And on Saturday evening, by myself in that little Dillard's dressing room, all my swimwear prayers were answered.

Of course, I heard little 20-somethings in the background saying to each other, "Are you sure this doesn't look too trashy?"

Um, honey, if you have to ask....

I find it to be a miracle that someone in the ladies swimwear purchasing area of Dillard's decided that underwire support was important enough for swimwear to purchase a wonderful array of choices for those of us needing help in that area. AND that for those of us whose cups... um... runneth over, they even have cute options in our size as well.

It is such a miracle that I found a swimsuit that I liked (and that M liked) that I went back today and bought 2 more in different colors. And since they were only $39 each, I could afford it!

God bless Dillard's. That's miracle enough for me today!


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing, so glad that you were able to find a bathing suit that met your needs sweetie.

Tänia said...

WOO HOO! I am checking them out this week! Thank you for sharing!

Tänia of

Beth said...

Ah....if only I needed support for the girls. Unfortunately, I don't have much left in that area.

I'm so glad you found something! Perhaps I need to take Big Mama's advice and head to Dillards!

Don't you just love Big Mama?

Stephanie said...

39 dollars? Wow, we have a Dillards, but I have never been in it b/c I thought they would have high prices. I loved your "trashy" comment and I agree with you! :)