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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here's a tip for ya...

Your tip for today: Resist the urge to ever reach across the counter and kiss your checker at the grocery store on the lips.

I just about did this the other day.


It was Monday, and I had gone to the store to get some supplies for us to have a few friends over that evening for burgers. So, naturally, I bought some Shiner Bock (that's beer for you non-Texans) to go with them.

Almost as an after-thought as she was already bagging my groceries, she asked, "Um, you are 21, right?"

Oh BLESS you for asking!!!

"Yes, I am. I am WELL over 21. But you can see my ID if you want."

I'll gladly show it to anyone who asks.

"Oh, no need..." she said. And then angels began to sing as she added, "you just have really great skin."


"Oh, but honey, I've got the grey hair to show for it."

Angels singing strains of the Hallelujah chorus louder and louder as she replies, "Yeah, but you don't look like you should."

And then a snap back to reality as she adds, "You must have kids."

Ah, she is so young, and yet so wise.

I wish I had paid attention to her name. I should write a letter of commendation for her. I complain so much and write so many letters complaining about poor customer service that I really should write a nice letter every once in a while.

This experience more than makes up for my experience on Valentine's Day this year.

Oh, I didn't tell you about that? Oh friend, take a seat. This is good

We took the kids with us to Red Robin for dinner the evening of Valentine's Day because, well, I wasn't cooking and it was the middle of the week, so a babysitter was out and the kids weren't going to sit through a several hour meal at Del Friscos. So, Red Robin it was.

Our waitress wore a button that said something to the effect of, "We card anyone under the age of 50." I commented to Mike about it since we didn't get carded.

So, he jokingly said something to her the next time she came around.

"My wife is a little dismayed that you didn't card her considering what your button says."

I add (aparently against my better judgment), "Yeah, I'm only 34."

Her response? Get ready. This is good.


I guess she didn't want a tip that night.

Oh, wait, here's a tip for ya... "Don't let on that you think someone is older than they say they are."


Cindy said...

You did indeed meet a very unusual checker! What a great story!

Thanks for stopping by our blog (detritus of my van)...thankfully there wasn't any FOOD that was two years old!

Cindy :)

Genny said...

What a fun story! I recently got carded too, and when I told the checker, "You made my day," he said, "We are supposed to card anyone who looks under 40." Boy did he burst my bubble!