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Monday, July 14, 2008

En Route

I’m sitting here in the Residence Inn “gatehouse” watching people come and go as they eat their breakfast. I’ve got my medium grade coffee with a thimble of hazelnut creamer, my institutional grade croissant, and a “make your own” waffle maker that keeps beeping at this hair-raising tone and volume. Not to mention the gnat that keeps flying in front of my face that is about to find itself smashed on my computer screen.

So I am watching all these people and wondering: Why are they here? Are they en-route to some place else like we are? Is Jackson MS their end destination? What on earth would there be to do here? - No offense if you happen to live in Jackson, but I feel pretty certain that I know all 5 of you that read my blog and that none of you live in Jackson MS.

I’m sure there are some fun things, but compared to where we’re headed… seriously. The BEACH, people. The Emerald Coast. White sand, clear blue water, the gentle breeze coming off the gulf. Sorry, but Jackson MS just doesn’t compare.

I think about this in respect to life. I am so glad that life here on this planet earth is not my end destination. Because really, what on earth is there to do here? I mean when you compare to what we’ll do in heaven. There are good things here. And certainly we are to be about His work while we are here. But I long for the day I will totally fall down face first and see Him for who HE IS! Oh, I am just about in tears here in this hotel eating area just thinking about it.

We are en route, friends. Think on that, today.


Kay said...

So glad you're able to bug out this summer. My hubby is all freaked out about gas so we're staying put. BUMMER!

So enjoy, blogger friend... enjoy!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Are you headed to Gulf Shores? We are heading there in September.

My husbands job headquarters is in Jackson, but we are completely happy right here in Sweet Home Alabama.

The G's said...

Amen to that darned waffle maker. Do they think the person went back to their room after they started the timer? Hope you have a safe and wonderful time at the beach.

Genny said...

What a great post, with great thoughts! And the beach sure sounds fun!