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Friday, July 11, 2008

Foodie Friday - Flashback

I got home one evening from work and after only a few minutes I'd had it up to here with my kids (picture me holding my hand WAY above my head). The sheer number of consequences and punishments I had to dole out in my first 10 minutes at home from work was just staggering.

Nathan had 2 poop accidents in his pants. Sarah had left her wet towel from the pool in her floor... again. Then I found a big spot of wetness on Nathan's floor. I asked him who's tee-tee it was, hoping he'd say Gus, our Welsh Corgi, was to blame. But alas, no, "It's mine," he happily responded.

And on top of all of that, the box of Cinnamon Apple Jacks was left on the counter with only about 10 little o's left in it. Apparently, they had convinced the babysitter that Cinnamon Apple Jacks would make for a good snack at some point that afternoon. Big deal, you might say.

Well, yes, as a matter of fact it is. At least today it was. Especially when I made a point to tell them that they would not be having a second bowl-full that day because Apple Jacks weren't something we have all the time. They are special and we're not going to eat them all at once.

In my words to my man when he got home and I'd had it "up to who knows where" with my kids, "They're never having Apple Jacks again.... EVER."

He just laughed.

Because he knows I'm really a softy.

They'll get Apple Jacks again.

When they turn 30 or so.

So, that night I had to go to the grocery store and I passed by something that took me back a few years.

Yes, Little Debbie Nutty Bars.

I remember that they were the favored snack to buy in the lunch line. Because there was not one, but TWO in the package. And the package was longer than the others, so clearly I must be getting more for my money with this purchase.

I can also remember so vividly peeling the layers apart and eating them one by one. I'd get mad it one would break in the middle, but secretly enjoy it because it lasted longer. And every once in a while, I'd just chomp down through all the layers at once. But that was rare because I'm all about drawing it out and making things last and enjoying them.

(Like the Apple Jacks.)

Mike's face lit up when he saw them after I got home.

You see, I'm not COMPLETELY without heart. I could not, with anything that is in me, deprive my kids of the wonderful goodness that is the Little Debbie Nutty Bar. It would just be completely un... well... un-American of me.

But he also noticed that I didn't buy any Apple Jacks.

Yep, I've got another 25 years or so before I have to buy them again.

What was your favorite Little Debbie or maybe Hostess snack while you were growing up?


Lisa K said...

When I was growing up, it was Ding Dong's. When my mom would put them in my lunch, I knew it was a great day. I would take tiny bites until I got to the filling and then lick the filling out before I finished the rest of the scrumptious chocolateyness. Oh Yeah

Pumita said...

I eat my KitKat bars the same way you eat your Little Debbies.
My fave Little Debbies were the Star Crunch. And the brownies are still a comfort treat to this day.

Kay said...

I loved the brownies. We could get them in the vending machines in high school back in the day and I got one every single day. Yum!

You got to me.. I read your blog before I went to Walleyworld this morning and came home with Nutty Bars.. I got the 100 calorie pack just to make myself feel a little better, though.