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Monday, July 7, 2008

You'd think he'd lose his voice at some point.

I just realized that I zoomed on past and didn't let all y'all know how our 4th of July was since I've been away from the blogosphere all weekend.

It was great.... see ya later.

No, you don't get off that easy.

(And "all y'all" is plural for "y'all" for all of you who aren't Texans. Or Rednecks. Or Southern. Or American)

Hindsight being 20/20 and all, our weekend went something like this starting on Thursday:

Little Man: "I don't feel good. I'm sick."

Me: "Good. I knew Dr. A needed some more money for her daughters' college fund."

At the doctor's office...

Dad: "What's that nurse Angela, he has a red bead in his ear and you're going to have to hold him down to dig it out?"

Little Man: screaming ensues....


I know it happens to every family with children at least once. It's a right of passage. The foreign body in the ear/nose.

Fast forward to Friday evening:

Mom: "Hey, I've got a great idea! Let's drive over, and park down the street, then walk several blocks so that we are positioned right next to where the city's fireworks are being shot so that then it will be almost 11 pm before the kids are in bed."

Family: "yea."

Mom and Dad: fighting over where to sit, etc.

Kids: fidgeting and whining while waiting for the firewors

Fireworks begin.

Little Man: screaming ensues...


I saw a sum total of about 2 minutes of an approximately 20 minute show. The upside is that we did get far enough away that he was able to watch and appreciate them.

Me: "Hey, I've got another great idea! Honey, how about we invite your family over for dinner so that we can get the kids in bed real late again, they can cry when your mother leaves, and I can play in the kitchen a bit."

kids: "Yea Nanny! Nanny is great! Give us chocolate cake!"

Fast forward to Saturday evening when she is leaving...

Little Man: "Nanny, can I come wif you?"

Nanny: "No, sweetie. I'll see you next week."

Little Man: screaming ensues...


The curse of the Nanny crack strikes again.

Now, it would appear that Nathan did nothing but scream all weekend... but we really did have a pleasant, fun, and relaxing time.

I hope you did too.

But without all the screaming.


Kay said...

Someday you'll *sigh* wistfully at the remembrance of these days. Maybe not anytime soon (LOL), but you will sigh! : )

Cristel said...

Sounds like so much fun! Sorry we didn't get to see you guys but sounds like it worked out for the best. It was pretty loud at our house.